Carbon Fiber Hits The High-End Lifestyle Market

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Carbon Fiber has always been a popular material for manufacturing purposes, but it has recently entered the mainstream as a high-quality alternative for rings, luggage, wallets, and more. Visit:


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Rock West Composites Carbon Fiber Hits The High-End Lifestyle Market Much of what we discuss revolves around carbon fiber in the aerospace marine and automotive industries. We also talk about carbon fiber sporting goods quite a bit. What would you say if we told you that the same material that makes airplanes stronger and lighter is also now the darling of the high-end lifestyle market High-end lifestyle products are targeted at a certain demographic for which budgeting is less of an issue. These are people who are willing to spend a bit more on luxury brands and higher quality. They think nothing of spending hundreds of dollars on a wallet where most other people would cringe at a price in the 25 range. Makers of high-end lifestyle products have discovered that their customers are willing to pay for carbon fiber. That has opened the door to all sorts of products that would have been unthinkable years ago. The carbon fiber wallet is just one of them. Soft Flexible and Tough The carbon fiber wallet is a soft flexible and tough alternative to wallets made of leather faux leather and other materials. What is interesting is that we do not normally associate carbon fiber with flexibility. Aerospace manufacturers are certainly not looking for flexibility when fabricating airplane wings and fuselage panels.

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Rock West Composites It turns out that a great deal of flexibility is possible with carbon fiber by controlling fabric weave and choosing the right resin. Some speculate that up to 90 flexibility can be achieved with the right combination. We have seen no hard data to that effect but it seems reasonable. The Carbon Fiber Look So why would somebody want a carbon fiber wallet or a set of carbon fiber wedding bands It is generally not a question of wanting something tough and durable. In the high-end lifestyle products market the driving factor is aesthetics. Carbon fiber has a certain look that people love. Carbon fibers look is so unique that it is easily recognized. You could probably identify a carbon fiber car body on site thanks to its telltale cross weave pattern and glossy finish. So can other people. Combine that look with the fact that carbon fiber is expensive to work with and you have a material that screams high-end luxury. Simply put people know that carbon fiber products are expensive. Thus pulling out a carbon fiber wallet displays a certain socioeconomic stature. An Unending List of Products Wallets represent just one type of high-end lifestyle product you can get in carbon fiber. The actual list of possibilities is almost endless at this point. If wallets and jewelry are not enough for you consider shopping for carbon fiber: • Luggage – Carbon fiber luggage is all the rage these days. It is virtually indestructible and extremely lightweight. Just be sure to watch the luggage carousel with eagle eyes. You do not want someone walking off with your bags. • Phone Cases – Owners of the most expensive cell phones are flocking to carbon fiber cases. However there is some debate over whether or not that is a good idea. Carbon fiber may interfere with cell phone reception enough to cause real problems. • Umbrellas – Carbon fiber fabric can be used to fabricate umbrella canopies and handles alike. Now you can show off your social status and stay dry during a rainstorm at the same time. • Rings – Carbon fiber rings are perfect for people who like to be on the cutting edge of jewelry fashion. • If your company specializes in lifestyle products and you have not yet considered looking at carbon fiber you might want to reconsider. Carbon fiber is all the rage among high-end buyers willing to pay a bit more for what they want. Image Source: Element Ring Co.

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