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We at Captain Green Solar provide you with an effective 5.0kW value package that includes solar panels and inverters, which can proficiently cut down all your electricity bills and power up your household appliances too. Also, all our packages and products come with a proper warranty period along with a 25 year performance guarantee.


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5.0kW Value Package by Captain Green:

5.0kW Value Package by Captain Green The 5.0kW Ultimate Package will save you anywhere between $890 to $1,917 per year off your electricity bill, depending on your location and solar power consumption. Suitable for households spending up to $2500 per year.

This Package Includes:

This Package Includes x1 20x 250w Inverter – 5.0kW Power-One or equivalent (as per your requirement) 2.0kW Solar Power System is made with :- Panels - 20 panels with 250W high-power quality output

This will power up:

This will power up x60 x5 x5 x10 With conversion effeciency of more than 15% , our solar panels and inverters provided in this package are used for powering-up your household appliances and saving all your electricity bills.


Features Expected Annual Output of 6388 - 8030 kWh CEC Approved Solar Panels 250W CEC Approved 5.0kW Inverter or equivalent Aluminium and stainless steel mounting frame Cyclone rated frame and panels to withstand high loads Complete Installation by CEC accredited installer

We Assure:

We Assure Choosing Captain Green Solar gives you the assurance of an established and accredited solar company that can service your solar power system for the lifetime of its 25 year performance guarantee.

Contact Us:

Contact Us 1/19 Miowera Road Chester Hill NSW 2162 Australia 1300 361 682 Captain Green Pty Ltd

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