Expert Canon Pixma Help Tips for Common Pixma Printing Problems


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At Canon printer support, we have a specialized team of people who can solve your every issue of Canon Pixma printers. All you have to do is call us at our Canon Pixma help number 1800-296-1402 to get instant and reliable tech services. For more info, visit


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Expert Canon Pixma Help Tips for Common Pixma Printing Problems Canon is a well-known multinational organization that develops and produces many kinds of products like cameras printers camcorders medical tools etc. Canon Pixma series was launched around the year 2005. Pixma printers of Canon come in both single and multi – function types. Single function Pixma printers are known for high quality long lasting documents and photos in vibrant colours where as multi- function can perform all kinds of tasks like printing copying scanning and faxing. New models of Pixma Inkjet printers also come in Wi-Fi models using which anyone can print their documents or images via wireless connection irrespective of his/ her present location. However

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Canon Pixma printers are of advanced technology and users can easily use them but sometimes prob- lems could come in your printers and to fix those p ro b l e m s yo u s h o u l d c a l l o n t h e printer support number of Canon experts. Some Common Canon Pixma printing problems that user may face while printing: 1. Error 02-03: This error can come because of the subsequent problems:  Paper Jam: Lightly pull the stuck paper from the back tray instead of the front tray. If more than one paper is stuck then start from the middle and gently pluck one paper at a time.

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 Printer senses no paper: Restart your printer and then reload the papers according to its proper alignment and the maximum capacity of the printer.  Paper roller is not picking up: Clean the roller papers and make sure they are properly arranged. If they are worn out you need to swap them with new rollers. 2. Error 05: This error can come because of the subsequent reasons:  The user has installed an incorrect printer cartridge: To resolve this error clean your ink cartridge and re- install it.  Cartridge is not properly installed: To resolve this remove and re-insert your ink Cartridge

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3. Error 5011: This is a printing error. To fix this error turn off your printer and unplug it. Then plug it back after 2-3 minutes and switch on your printer. Give the print command to print your documents. 4. Error 1486- 1487: This error comes whenever ink cartridges are installed in the wrong direction. To resolve this error checking of cartridge codes and re- installing it will resolve this problem.

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Getting any else error Connect with the technical experts to get trustworthy Canon Pixma help so that you can do your of- fice or personal work without much interrup- tion. Canon Printer Support +1-800-296-1402 support-support-for-canon-printer

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