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What Are The Uses Of CBD For Pets The awareness of the usage of CBD oil and other organic products has been growing significantly. CBD for pets has the same effect as on humans and is used to cure even wider diseases in them. CBD for those who do not know yet is cannabidiol oil or hemp oil extracted from the Marijuana plant. It has the anti-inflammatory effect on both humans and pets by masking the pain receptors of the region applied externally or taken internally. The high feeling causing THC compound is completely stripped down in the extraction process to prevent drowsiness and intoxication caused by Marijuana. If you are wondering why CBD for pets has a special application than human pets are limited to expressing what they undergo pain so the approach of medication is difficult for pets. They most often require regular medication to keep certain conditions under control. What is cannabis oil for dogs purposed at Cannabis oil for dogs and cats is mainly prescribed and purposed for the same – Arthritis and other seizure forms. Seizures are nothing but the freezing of body parts due to electric bursts of signals from the brain to the parts it is supposed to communicate. This can cause even fatality in animals if left unnoticed. Arthritis on the other hand is a direct effect of chronic inflammation that mostly affects the joints of the pet dogs you loved watching moving around. Arthritis is common with aging dogs. Dogs become less active due to joint pain and trembling legs and end up toiling and lying all day. CBD oil works by easing the pain for arthritis affected dogs simply by masking the receptors in the joints. Whereas with seizures it reacts in the brain area masking the signal burst and preventing the seizure from happening or lowering the effect to a bearable limit. How to feed CBD oil for cats Feeding is not as simple as we intake a medicine. Many pets run away from medicine especially cats. Owing to the not-so-good taste of the organically extracted CBD oil for cats it is the responsibility of pet owners to feed them in the form they can take. One is mixing it with food in concentrations very less so that they do not find the difference in odor. The other way is buying CBD pills that are also available in the market and hiding them inside cheese cubes etc. Regarding the quantity of intake 5-6mg of Hemp CBD for pets will suffice for regular intake. An additional dosage of the same quantity is recommended if caught up with seizure or severe arthritis.

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