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2018 and other areas of cannabis compliance CANNABIS PACKAGING NEWS

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The news digest for the cannabis packaging world covering packaging compliance and cutting-edge news. and other areas of cannabis compliance CANNABIS PACKAGING NEWS Align your brand with a media partner who understands the business of doing business. Packaging + Compliance + News The science is green and so is your magazine: Printed four times per year with soy-based ink on recycled paper. Introduction / About Readership Markets Print / Web Ad Specs Contact FREE Social Media Cross Promotion Add On 2 4 5 Ad Specs / Rates / Calendar 6 8 For our Premier Advertising Partners 7 9-10 11

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2 As cannabis products become legal a dynamic marketplace is fueling the rapid industry growth from state to state. Cannabis science in the form of extraction testing labs and cultivation are the glue of legalization. Introduction / About Cannabis Packaging News delivers cutting edge news reports political issues technical meth- ods and compliance tips on cannabis packaging needs. We infuse both trade knowledge with a bit of culture and we pride ourselves on being able to create a potent news source that reaches a large audience of cannabis professionals globally. Our newsletter is distributed every 10 days and we have daily content on our blog available as well. The goal is to enable professionals to not only stay educated on the latest in packaging compliance and news but to also be able to quickly and easily take practical solutions away into their own business. We are excited to stand alone in this publishing space and as the only news source reporting on this crucial space in the legal cannabis market.

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3 Welcome to your world – let’s expand it together. Cannabis Packaging News is the industrys breakthrough news source specically for your Cannabis Packaging needs Cannabis Packaging News delivers analysis and insights into the technical aspect of packaging. This publication explores the entire process of packaging from start to nish. Packaging in the cannabis industry presents unique challenges including the need for remaining compliant. Cannabis Packaging News provides insight into these challenges by providing problem-solving how-to articles on how to solve these issues. Contributions range from a variety of experts that span across all major elds. Knowledge on not just on what to do but also on what to avoid is presented in clear terms. Subscribers will be delighted with the international news stories feature articles and a refreshing infusion of culture within the pages of each issue. These topics detail key trends primary methods and signicant issues that inuence managers and executives the most within the cannabis industry. Published as a quarterly publication Cannabis Packaging News is written for and by industry professionals whose livelihoods depend on the growth and success of the our industry. A new and needed resource Cannabis Packaging News lls the information need for the unique needs of the cannabis packaging industry.

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4 Readership Professional Services 40 T esting lab equipment Patenting strains Sample preps Mobile labs 40 Extraction equipment manufacturers Extraction companies Cannabis concentrate brands Extract producers Packaging 20 Accounting Finance Consulting Legal Services Trade Organizations Growers Accessories Consulting Services The science of cannabis packaging information is our business. - The rapid evolution of the cannabis industry means that everyone in the industry has one thing in common. They are way too busy to chase down needed information. Thats where Cannabis Packaging News can help by oering crucial information needed in one single publication to help cannabis professionals thrive grow and prosper.

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5 Testing Labs Professional Services Cultivation Extraction Markets Cannabis Packaging News is a MACE integrated media company that collects critical data relevant to the cannabis science community. Our hopes are to convert big data into digestible stories that help professionals understand grow and manage their business.

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6 Ad Specs / Rates / Calendar Full Page Spread Issue Jan/Feb/March 12/11/17 12/15/17 April/May/June 3/13/1 3/17/18 July/Aug/Sept 6/12/18 6/16/18 Oct/Nov/Dec 9/11/18 9/15/18 Ad Space Reservation Advertising Deadlines Art Deadline Bleed Only: 17 x 11.125 1x 3x Save 10 6x Save 20 Bleed: 8.625 x 11.125 Trim: 8.375 x 10.875 Live Area: 7.875 x 10.375 1834 1650 1467 2293 2063 1834 No Bleed: 7.365 x 4.865 With Bleed: 8.625 x 5.375 1030 1144 915 Bleed Only: 2.875 x 11.125 972 875 719 778 639 4 x 5 799 Full Page Inside Back Covers +25 1/2 Page 1/3 Page Strip 1/4 Page FINAL TRIM SIZE: 8.375 x 10.875 Please submit artwork AS PDF PSD OR TIFF 300dpi / CMYK

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7 To show our loyalty to our long term Partners we are offering a print fea- ture when a six month insertion commitment is signed. This feature will be run sometime during that insertion term and will also be featured online. For those Partners that commit to a 3 month insertion we will do an online feature article on our very popular blog which will be rich with backlinks to your site to promote SEO for your product/service. For our Premier Advertising Partners

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FREE Social Media Cross Promotion Add On ALL Advertisers will receive FREE social media cross promotion with the following ad sizes: 1/4 ad ONE cross promo per month for the two months of the issue. 1/3 ad ONE cross promo per month for the two months of the issue. 1/2 ad TWO cross promos per month for the two months of the issue. Full Page ad THREE cross promos per month for the two months of the issue. Double Page Spread FOUR cross promos per month for the two months of the issue. These will run on Instagram Facebook and Twitter with exposure to over 10000 followers. The advertiser will be responsible to give us their content and/or ad. All ads must be non-pixelated 800x800 in size and sent to us 3 days prior to the desired run date. You can also purchase Social Media Cross Promotion as a standalone or part of a digital-only package for 7 per thousand followers reached. 8

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9 Print Specs To ensure that your ad looks it’s absolute best all ads submitted for use in one of our print publications e.g. Terpenes and Testing Magazine Terpenes and Testing Conference Expo Show Guide Terpenes and Testing Conference Expo Show Daily etc. MUST be submitted in PDF format that conforms with PDF/X-1a: 2001 specifications. PDF/X-1a is a widely accepted standard for files that are used in books magazines other high-resolution print media. Commonly used professional design tools e.g. Adobe InDesign Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Quark Express etc. include a PDF Export Preset that supports PDF/X-1a please ask your grahic design- er to use this format when saving your final ad files. We will pre-flight all ads using Adobe Acrobat Professional to ensure that they meet PDF/X-1a standards and you will be asked to resubmit your ad if it is not the correct format. If you ask us to run an ad that is not PDF/X-1a complaint we will not be responsible for the quality of the printed ad. All ads should be submitted in CMYK format 300dpi or higher. Margin Trime Size: 8.375” x 10.875” Note: Text placed outside the Safe Live Area of any Bleed ad may be cut off. Please keep text insde the Safe Area. All text MUST be converted to outlines/flattened/rasterized prior to submission. All sales-related questions should be submitted to infoterpenesandtesting.com or call 949-416-3856 All technical questions should be submitted to: infoterpenesandtesting.com 2 - Page Spread Non-Bleed Full Page with Border Non-Bleed 1/2 Page with Border Non-Bleed 1/4 Page 1/2 Page with Bleed 2 - Page Spread with Bleed Full Page with Bleed Ad size: 16.25" x 10.375" Ad size: 7.875" x 10.375" Ad size: 7.875" x 4.75" Ad size: 3.75" x 4.75" Ad size: 8.625" x 5.625" Ad size: 17” x 11.25” Ad size: 8.625” x 11.125” Safe Live Area: 16.25” x 10.375” Safe Live Area: 7.875” x 4.875” Safe Live Area: 7.875” x 10.375”

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10 Web Banner Specs 80 x 80 300 x 250 760 x 96 All text MUST be converted to outlines/flattened/rasterized prior to submission. All sales-related questions should be submitted to infoterpenesandtesting.com or call 949-416-3856 All technical questions should be submitted to: infoterpenesandtesting.com Prices: 760x96 -- 420 / month 300 x 250 -- 200 / month 80 x 80 -- 50 / month 150 / 1000 dedicated e-blast  E-Blast format: HTML to include all verbiage content and image links. Cost to have Terpenes and Testing create the blast: 250  E-Blast needed 1 week prior to placement E-blast components and info needed 2 weeks prior if Terpenes Testing to create the E-blast E-Blast

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11 1 949 326 - 9424 Advertising Editorial Distribution We love your questions News to share with the world of Cannabis Packaging News Please call us for rates and special issues. cannabispackagingnews.com cannabispackagingnews.com Contact Call us. We’ll talk. :

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Cannabis Packaging News are where innovation meet supply and demand It all starts here and other areas of cannabis compliance CANNABIS PACKAGING NEWS

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