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MHC Dr Alok Tripathi Department of Biotechnology 09795894495

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Effector T   Cell Pathogen Location Antigen Presentation Target   Cell Action Cellular Immunity Tc CD8 cytotoxic Cytoplasm Infected cell MHC I Infected cell apoptosis Th1 CD4 inflammatory Macrophage vesicles Macrophage MHC II Macrophage activation to kill pathogen

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Complex HLA MHC class II III I Region DP DQ DR C4 C2 BF B CA Gene products DP αβ DQ αβ DR αβ C′ proteins TNF- α TNF- β HLA-B HLA-C HLA-C

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Class I molecules Class II molecules Peptide-binding domain ἃ 1/ ἃ 2 ἃ 1/ β 2 Nature of peptide-binding cleft Closed at both ends Open at both ends General size of bound peptides 8–10 amino acids 13–18 amino acids Peptide motifs involved in binding to MHC molecule Anchor residues at both ends of peptide; generally hydrophobic carboxyl-terminal anchor Anchor residues distributed along the length of the peptide Nature of bound peptide Extended structure in which both ends interact with MHC cleft but middle arches up away from MHC molecule Extended structure that is held at a constant elevation above the floor of MHC cleft

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