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Cancer Healer Center offering brain tumour treatment, India works at immune level to enhance and boost the immune system so that the body itself fights against the cancer cells to control and reduce their growth.


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CANCER HEALER CENTER Brain Tumor Treatment


Tumours which start in the brain are called primary brain tumours and are classified according to the kind of cell from which the tumour originates. The most common primary brain tumour in adults comes from cells in the brain called astrocytes that makes up the blood-brain barrier and contribute to the nutrition of the central nervous system About Brain Tumour

Risk Factors::

Risk Factors: Age : People can get brain tumours at any age. However, with increase in age the risk of brain tumors increases. Exposure to radiation : Exposure to Radiotherapy, CT Scans, X-rays etc. are known to increase the risk of brain tumours called Meningiomas and to some extent for Gliomas People who have had cancer as a child and people who had Leukaemia and non Hodgkin lymphoma as an adult have a higher risk of developing a brain tumor later in life. People with HIV or AIDS have around double the risk of being diagnosed with a brain tumor compared to the general population. Other possible risk factors include : Mobile phones, alcohol, power lines and hair dyes Also being overweight (having a larger waist size or greater body mass index – BMI) gives a slightly higher risk of meningioma. But being overweight doesn't seem to affect glioma risk.


Prevention: Avoid toxic chemicals which is used in the oil and rubber industries Avoid excess imaging scan radiations The use of cell phones should be reduced as the rays can increase the cancer risk. Though there is still research going on in this field but precaution is always better Maintaining a healthy lifestyle by including fruits and vegetables and avoiding excess alcohol Having save sex and avoiding the risk of HIV infections

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