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Alarm Monitoring Canberra


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Security Systems:

Security Systems Securing our properties from intruder is an important factor. More advanced technologies are available now for securing our properties. Intruders also have good knowledge about the security measures that commonly use. Always select a perfect securing method which can trap the intruder.

Securing Home:

Securing Home A picture representation of securing home from intruder is given. Here we made use of Mobile Alarm System.

Use of alarm monitoring:

Use of alarm monitoring We made use of alarms for securing our public and private properties. Using alarms is the best way of giving a warning about the intruder. The alarms are free to use in any locations. Using Alarms for security is not a new method . But till now it is considered as the most powerful way to fear the intruder .

Alarm Monitoring:

Alarm Monitoring Different types of alarms are currently available. Alarming us by giving messages in our mobile phone is a kind. We also made use of burglar alarms having keypads to enter the password or fingerprint for authorizing.


Motion sensors, Door sensors, Floor sensors can be used along with the alarms. If motion is detected the alarm starts making sounds to inform us . Also messages are send to the neighbors and near police stations.

How it works?:

How it works? In burglar alarms, we save a password or finger prints & that is placed in front of main door of house. The locked door can be opened only by verifying the password or fingerprint we entering with the saved one. If any mistake was founded a sudden message will given to the house owner. And they can forward the information to the neighbors and the police. By sensors, they directly sense the intruder motion and with the security camera identify the intruder . The image from camera was send to all main numbers which was already saved.


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