Which One Is Better iPhone XR Or iPhone X?


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With the launch of iPhone XR, it is time to decide whether to buy the new Apple iPhone or to stick to your existing iPhone X. So, let’s find out which one is better among the two.


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Which One Is Better iPhone XR Or iPhone X With the launch of iPhone XR it is time to decide whether to buy the new Apple iPhone or to stick to your existing iPhone X. So let ’s find out which one is better among the two. Whenever Apple launches a new device cell phone users across the world try to either have their hands on the new release or to know what features it is going to offer. There is also a certain amount of buzz in the media which adds more to the excitement behind each new release. Comparison with its predecessor becomes inevitable. After all one has to shell out an exorbitant amount of money to grab an iPhone. So let ’s discover which one is better between the two Impressive Display With a Liquid Retina HD display of 6.1 ” the iPhone XR largely overshadows the 5.8 ” OLED display of its predecessor. Larger display size means more enriching visual experience while watching videos or capturing images. What is more interesting is that Apple has termed the retina display of the new phone as Liquid Retina which is nothing but a fancy term for a retina display which has a less pixel density than the super retina display of iPhone X. Fastest chip According to Apple the new offering has the fastest chip-A12 with the next-generation neural engine. However the iPhone X comes with an A11 bionic chip with a neural engine. The only difference that seems to exist between the two is that its successor has eight cores while it has only two cores in its neural engine. How much of a significant difference this makes is not well-established but fairly one could understand that the new Apple offering has the fastest chip as claimed by the iconic brand.

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Lacks the dual camera While the iPhone XR lacks the dual camera of its predecessor and offers digital zoom only up to 5X its images are sharper and stunning than iPhone X. Its camera system integrates with the ISP the neural engine and advanced algorithms which help the user to unlock new creative possibilities. It has also an advanced bokeh and depth control feature in its portrait mode which is not to be seen anywhere in its predecessor. Apart from the above differences there are also some other subtle differences like the new iPhone offers a battery talk time of up to 25 hours which is more than that offered by the earlier model 21hours. In short despite being launched last year and packed with some impressive features it seems that those having an iPhone X will not buy the new model anytime soon. Whatever may be the turn of events cell phone repair professionals are optimistic because it is easy to source the replacement parts for both models from the trusted supplier-Canadian Cell Parts.

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