Mistakes to Avoid Extension of your Canada Spouse

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The question everyone asks when applying for Canada spouse visa is "How much time will be taken for the processing of Canada spouse visa?" Here are the points which can be considered to avoid extension of Canada spouse visa processing time. Visit http://www.canadaspousevisa.ca/ to know more.


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Mistakes to Avoid Extension of your Canada Spouse Visa Processing Time:

Mistakes to Avoid Extension of your Canada Spouse Visa Processing Time

Who are we?:

Who are we ? Canadaspousevisa.ca is an online portal where a league of experts assist clients towards Canada spouse dependent visa for many years and has developed an expertise in the same by their pattern of working. They offer spouse visa services in two categories which are:   Spouse dependent work permit Spouse dependent permanent resident   Also, there are other services such as spouse dependent visa extension and spouse dependent visa restoration provided by them .

Mistakes to Avoid Extension:

Mistakes to Avoid Extension Applicants who apply for Canada Spouse Visa whether it is Canada spouse dependent work permit or Canada spouse immigration often faced a delay in the processing of their applications due to mistakes which they commit while applying. This leads to increase in Canada spouse visa processing time . Here are the 3 common mistakes applicants commit while applying : Insufficient Funds Insufficient Documents Errors While Applying

Insufficient funds:

Insufficient funds Canada spouse visa processing time increases if the applicant has not submitted enough documents with the application to prove their financial stability. Both, the spouse and the sponsor need to demonstrate necessary financial soundness to avail Canada spouse visa .

Insufficient documents:

Insufficient documents Canada spouse visa processing time can increase if the applicant has not submitted proper documents that justify their eligibility for Canada spouse visa. As a result, it becomes difficult for the visa officer to determine whether they are genuine or not .

Errors While Applying:

Errors While Applying Canada spouse visa processing time can increase if there are errors while applying as well. For instance, if an applicant has applied but if there is an unclear picture of the applicant’s background then the processing time can grow as the visa officer might require more time to come to a proper decision .

Where do we fit?:

Where do we fit ? At Canadaspousevisa.ca, Canada spouse visa experts assist potential candidates in the application process. Moreover, they are aware of the rules and regulations and ensure that mistakes are not committed. Begin your application with Canadaspousevisa.ca, you can contact them on +91 9998686283 or drop them an e-mail on info@canadaspousevisa.ca

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