Steps to Minimize the Processing Time for Spouse Sponsorship in Canada


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When one wants to call their spouse in Canada for making their life better, one thing always he/she thinks that how much spouse sponsorship Canada processing time is taken? This question requires to check many criteria and an expert like can help you better. To know more, visit


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Steps To Minimize The Processing Time For Spouse Sponsorship in Canada:

Steps To Minimize The Processing Time For Spouse Sponsorship in Canada

Who Are We?:

Who Are We ? Canada Spouse Visa is a league of experts that are dedicated towards spouse dependent visa for clients for many years and have developed an expertise in the same by their pattern of working. They offer service of Canada spouse visa in 3 categories . Spouse dependent study permit Spouse dependent work permit Spouse dependent permanent resident Also , there are other services such as spouse dependent visa extension and spouse dependent visa restoration.

What is Spouse Sponsorship?:

What i s Spouse Sponsorship? If you are a PR citizen in Canada then you can offer your spouse PR status by the sponsoring your spouse in Canada. As a result, your spouse directly gets the PR status in Canada. The spouse sponsorship Canada processing time is minimum 8-10 months and can extend depending upon the case.

How Can I Sponsor My Spouse?:

How Can I Sponsor My Spouse ? There are some prerequisites required for sponsoring the spouse and they are as follows : You must be on PR status in Canada for minimum 6 months You and your spouse must be of 18 years of age You must be having sufficient funds as per the requirement of CIC to qualify To know more requirements related to spouse sponsorship in Canada visit

How Do We Help You?:

How Do We Help You? Spouse sponsorship Canada processing time can extend from 8-10 months to a year or more if the file is not proper. At Canada Spouse Visa, the experts help you in spouse dependent visa by making you understand the eligibility, verifying your documents as per the document checklist and applying on your behalf. So, you don’t experience any hassle. Visit us at for more information.

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