ZIS Parent Inormation Evening 29 August 2012 - English version

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Secondary School Parent Information Evening:

Secondary School Parent Information Evening 29th August 2012

Our Vision for 2012-13:

Our Vision for 2012-13 Committed to the journey of developing a quality IB World School where students are at the centre of all we do.

What we‘ll cover tonight::

W h at we‘ll cover tonight: Introducing our teachers An overview of our Secondary Program Music Community & Service Sport & House competition Laptops Homegroups and pastoral care Class websites Managebac ePortfolios After-school activities Camp week Questions, discussion

Our teachers:

Our teachers Science Mr Marc Vermeire Dr Ginny Drislane Mathematics Mr Mark W i lliams Mr Cam Woods Humanities Dr Ginny Drislane Mr Cam Woods Arts Visual Arts & Music Dr Nick Catalano Drama Mrs Lena Forster PE Health Mr Tim Nickel Technology Mr Matt Boughton

PowerPoint Presentation:

Language A: English: Ms Sherry Van Hesteren Ms Janice Lee Mandarin: Miss Lin Miss Kelly Miss Marie Language B: Ms Janice Lee English: Miss Marie Language B: Mandarin: Miss S h irley Miss Karen Miss Myra Miss Daisy English: Miss Marie English Intensive: Ms Kirsten Hofer French: Mrs Kious

Our Programmes:

Our Programmes IBO Middle Years Program (MYP) (Years 7-11) The Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) (Years 10-11) IBO Diploma Program (Years 12-13)

Our program:

Our program Week A and Week B 7 periods per day S o me d o uble periods in all core subjects Extended Art and PE The Core: AOI time Music performance House / S p ort

Our program:

Our program Languages: Language A – English, Mandarin Language B – Mandarin, English, French Mother-tongue English intensive Homegroup program extended Laptop learning

PowerPoint Presentation:

Subjects Classes during 2 weeks Years 7-9 Years 10-11 English 9 10 Mathematics 9 10 Science 9 10 Humanities 9 8 Chinese 8 8 Physical Education (Health) 6 6 Visual Art 5 5 Drama 1 Music 1 Design Technology 5 4 Area of Interaction time 3 3 Music Performance 2 2 House time (Sport) 2 2 Mother Tongue 1 1 Total Lessons 70 70 Homeroom (10 minutes per day) 100 minutes 100 minutes

Areas of Interaction (AOI) time:

Areas of Interaction (AOI) time 3 lessons per cycle. Interdisciplinary learning and action. Interaction with the community service. Collaborative planning. An opportunity to be creative.

Music and Music Performance:

Music and Music Performance Dr Catalano: Music Performance groups E n semble Ensemble Instruments

Community & Service:

Community & Service Coordinators: Mr Broughton Ms Liang Purpose Expectations Support Recording

Sport, and House competition:

Sport, and House competition Mr Williams Mr Nickel 2 lessons per cycle 4 house groups competing in a variety of sports and activities. Sporting interchange with other schools. Debating Chess


Laptops Role in learning B acking-up and software specifics Handwriting

Homegroups, and pastoral care:

Homegroups, and pastoral care Secondary School 2 teachers per homeroom group Teacher stay with homegroups each year Mentoring Building relationships and rapport Approaches to Learning Social activities Social issues Daily bulletin

Class websites:

Class websites

Class websites:

Each class has its own website They will include: Unit outlines Assessment tasks, explanations and tips Resources Class activities Whole class communication Class websites







ePortfolios for students:

ePortfolios for students Student work Assessment feedback and rubrics Reflections, goals Student-led conferences

After-School Activities:

After-School Activities Mr W i lliams Mr Nickel Run on Tuesdays after school, until 4.30pm For all of the Semester, except the last week Start on Tuesday, September 11 th There is a cost for each activity Cost includes buses home

Camps week:

Camps week March 25th – 29th 2013 Focus is on challenge, action and adventure Last year’s camps program is being reviewed Estimated costs rmb2000-5000

PowerPoint Presentation:

Year 7: Ms Lee & Mr Broughton Year 8: Mr Williams & Dr Drislane Year 9: Dr Catalano & Mr Nickel Year 10: Ms Liang & Mr Vermeire Year 11: Mrs Van Hesteren & Mr Woods

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