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Edmodo Cameron Lamb EDCO 549 Spring II Azusa Pacific University

What is ? :

What is ? Edmodo is an educational social networking site that connects teachers, school counselors, administrators, students, and parents to a variety of resources and tools that provide the building blocks of a high quality education. (Edmodo, 2013; Fitzpatrick, 2010)

PowerPoint Presentation:

Edmodo is a social network designed primarily for teacher and student interaction with an emphasis on quick communication, polling, assignment sharing, and more. However, school counselors can use this platform to help monitor student achievement and progress in every course. ( Edmodo, 2013)

Edmodo for Teachers:

Edmodo for Teachers Educators you can share resources, files, links, assignments, updates, and grades with students on a platform that is similar to the Facebook model. Teachers can annotate the assignments directly in Edmodo to provide instant feedback. Teachers and counselors can use Edmodo to survey students, and post class lectures and projects on a public calendar. ( Fitzpatrick, 2010)

Edmodo for Students:

Edmodo for Students Student can contact teachers directly, message other students, and interact in the public discussions. Students can take the educational experience mobile, which makes learning more interactive, convenient, and appealing to students.

Edmodo for School Counselors:

Edmodo for School Counselors Counselors and teachers can track student progress. All grades and badges assigned or awarded through Edmodo are stored and easily accessible. Counselors are able to see student feedback in the classroom through student reactions to quizzes, assignments, and discussion posts that capture understanding, confusion, or frustration. (Edmodo, 2013)

Edmodo for Parents:

Edmodo for Parents Parents can create parent accounts that allow parents to see their children's assignments and grades. Teachers can also contact parents about school events, missed assignments, and upcoming tests and projects.

Student/Teacher Reviews:

Student/Teacher Reviews "I like Edmodo largely b/c all of my students are social media experts and therefore the learning curve is short. To have this platform as an alternative to Facebook, G+, etc. is great." (Mitch W. -Teacher) "I love Edmodo!!! It's a great way to keep in touch with all of your friends, while you're not in school! It's basically facebook for kids! I love it!" (Tina R. - Student) "Excellent resource - does what you need from a VLE/LMS except with great ease of use: organized online libraries for you & your students, and easy, intuitive homework setting & submission." (Simon H. - Teacher) "It's great but it is hard to download videos. I can do my school work faster and it is more fun." (James K. - Student) (Edshelf, 2012)

PowerPoint Presentation:

Edmodo is a valuable resource for all teachers and counselors that are considering implementing social media applications within their classrooms. (Rodriguez, T., Ryan, S., LiveBinder)


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