Enhance Scuba Diving Experience with Underwater Camera Housing

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Here are some tips to keep in mind in terms of housing setup, preventing camera fogging, protecting and maintaining your camera, and more:


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www.camera-warehouse.com.au Enhance Scuba Diving Experience with Underwater Camera Housing Now that you have earned your diving certification it’s time to learn how to take beautiful underwater photos using a waterproof digital camera. This will let you immortalise your dive experiences and share the ocean’s beauty with your family and friends. Here are some tips to keep in mind in terms of housing setup preventing camera fogging protecting and maintaining your camera and more: Do you have an Olympus or any other digital camera that you want to use underwater Then it’s important to invest in high-quality underwater camera housing for it. The right housing can turn your Olympus into a waterproof camera that is safe to use for diving.  Put your digital camera into the housing a few hours or a day before you go diving. Don’t rush the process. Sit in a quiet space where there is enough room to work systematically. You don’t want to make any mistakes as even the smallest errors can put your beloved Olympus waterproof camera at risk. Rushing the process or trying to do it on a small moving boat is never a good idea.  Be sure to carefully check the o-ring for dust and other particles that can prevent it from performing its job properly.  To prevent fogging don’t let the housing sit in the sun for long periods of time. The heat of the sun won’t only cause condensation when you dive later—it can also cause the housing to dry out. If you really have to leave it under the hot sun put a wet towel over it.  Keep a couple of desiccants in the housing to prevent fog.  Don’t jump in with your rig—ask someone to hand it to you when you’re already in the water.  Try to exit the water with the dome port covered to avoid scratches.  Soak your underwater camera housing in fresh water for several minutes after diving in salt water. If the water has dried soak the housing in for longer. Fiddle with the controls and buttons for several seconds while the camera is underwater and towel-dry the housing quickly.  Never leave your camera in the rinse tank.  Have your underwater camera housing serviced every year if you dive often. O-ring maintenance is also essential. Never over-lubricate them just a little of the manufacturer- supplied grease goes a long way. Clean and re-lubricate them after dive day. Do this for the housing o-ring battery compartment o-ring port o-ring and sync cord o-ring.

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