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Battle of Gettysburg:

Battle of Gettysburg 3 Days that changed America

July 1st to July 3rd, 1863:

July 1 st to July 3 rd , 1863 South was tired of war being fought on their soil. Confederate troops led by Robert E. Lee drove into the North to force the North to sue for peace.

3 Days of Battle:

3 Days of Battle The battle is the bloodiest in American history. Considered by many as the turning point in the war. Union forces were led by Gen. George Meade. The Confederates were led by Gen. Robert E. Lee.

Day 1 : July 1st 1863:

Day 1 : July 1 st 1863 Link to video of Day 1 Little fighting on this first day of the battle as both side assemble their armies and attempt to acquire the higher ground.

Day 2 : July 2, 1863:

Day 2 : July 2, 1863 Gettysburg Day 2 Part 2.m4v – YouTube Watch the above video for a good idea of what happened and the intensity of the fighting. Day 2 saw intense fighting up and down the entire Union line of defenses. At the end of the day, however, the North still held its ground.

Day 3 : July 3, 1863:

Day 3 : July 3, 1863 General Lee, I have no division! – YouTube Watch this video! Shows the aftermath of the battle. The true horror of war and the South’s total destruction. On day 3, the Confederate forces launch an all out assault upon the middle of the Union line. They are completely defeated, their army is destroyed.

Outcomes of the Battle:

Outcomes of the Battle Stopped the South’s march into the North. After this battle, the South would never have the strength to go on the offensive again. After this battle, many argue the South could no longer win the war, that it was just a matter of how long they could hold out.

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