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A narrative essay is an essay that tells us some story. These are commonly assigned in high schools and colleges. It also contains a plot, characters, conflicts, etc., like stories. Most of the times students are told to write their personal experience in the form of a story. It is done so that class or readers can connect with it. WHAT IS A NARRATIVE ESSAY?


Choose A Good Topic It is the first step toward writing a narrative essay. At first, you should have a good topic to write about. Choose your topic in such a way that you can convert it into a story of yours. Choose Your Story After choosing a topic you need to choose a good story. The story must be related to the topic or theme you choose. It should not hurt anyone’s sentiments. STEPS FOR WRITING A NARRATIVE ESSAY


Do The Research If Required Writing a narrative essay does not need much research. It is because it is related to your personal experiences. But some topics are there which requires research to add extra information to the content. Write The Draft Now outline the plot before you begin. Make a list of all the incidents systematically so that you will not miss any point during writing. This will enable you to know where the story starts, its main incidents and where does it end. Remember you are writing an essay, not a novel. So, your story must be fairly contained and concise. Describe Important Characters While writing a narrative essay, you must describe all the important characters. Describe them about how they look, what the wear, age, height and also mention some interesting facts about them.


Find The Antagonist Of The Story It is very important to find antagonist of the story and the conflict. Without this, it will be boring. In most of the stories, the protagonist is the writer itself. The antagonist is always the person who stops the protagonist to achieve what he wants. Describe The Scene You also need to describe the scene in detail. It is important because by this you can make readers imagine the scene properly. Omit Unnecessary Details You do not need to provide any unnecessary details. Omit those details or topics that are not relevant to your story.


Write Events Chronologically It is very important to write all the events in a chronological manner. If not done so, your story will not make sense. So what happened first must be written at first. Revise Your Essay After making the first draft of your narrative essay, revise it. Check whether the theme, title, and story are related. After that proceed for editing and proofreading. Make The Final Draft Now make the final draft of your narrative essay.


Things to remember while writing a narrative essay Keep your essay concise. Do not over-explain unnecessary things, people and plots.Always make an outline of events before you start writing Do not describe each and every character in detail. For non-important characters, a brief description is enough. Add vibrant details. You can add some details just to spice up the story. But try to stay as true as possible. Always stay consistent. Narrative essays are always written in the past tense. Do not mix up tenses. These are generally written in the first person, i.e. making use of “I” statements. Take care of your grammar. Do not make any grammatical mistake. Always highlight the important moments of your story. This enables the readers to remember those points. Get assistance if you are not able to do it well.


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