Climate Change Modeling Mitigation and Adaptation


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Through design and implementation of climate mitigation projects and programs that focus on practical, attainable, and cost-effective solutions we support your business in all the right ways.


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Climate Change Modeling Mitigation and Adaptation

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Our Company Drawing on our roots in California, we were inspired by the the legend of Califia , the beautiful Queen who has come to be known as the “Spirit of California.” Her story was memorialized in an ancient text published as a Spanish novel in 1510, in which the mythical Queen led a formidable army of women warriors who protected their bountiful paradise, later to become recognized as the state of California. We share her passion for protecting and nourishing our environment and our communities.

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What We Do. We identify the threats and opportunities that a changing climate bring and design robust social, environmental and economic adaptation plans . We help ensure that your business or organization is resilient using strategies that mitigate the impacts of climate change and adapt to some of the impacts that can not be avoided .

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Services Strategic advice on climate change policy and regulation We develop socio-economic scenarios alongside climate change scenarios to help businesses, government agencies and the private sector understand the true impact of climate change.

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Climate change risk assessment We create assessments of the opportunities and challenges a changing climate bring based on : Assessment of vulnerabilities, like sea level rise, changes in vectors impacting supply chains, water distribution and large weather events. Interpretation and development of future scenarios and the interplay with supply chains, business development and strategic planning  Data analysis and modeling, including use of probabilistic projections and weather generators 

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Adaptation advice & hazard mitigation plans We provide evidence-based advice on the practicality, affordability and delivery of adaptation at policy, programs and project/operational level, including :

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Climate Change Mitigation advice Our carbon management capability provides our clients with the full spectrum of mitigation opportunities from renewable energy sources for buildings to spatial planning that reduces transport demand .

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