Calforex Currency Exchange - Best Money Exchange company in Toronto


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Calforex Currency Exchange is one of the best money exchange service providers in Toronto. We have highly trained professionals in our firm who will help the client in transferring and receiving funds from abroad. To know more about our services visit


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Calforex Currency Exchange - Best Money Exchange company in Toronto


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INTRODUCTION Percentage of people seeking foreign currency exchange is been increasing day by day. Most part of the people who do foreign transactions prefer to go for forex companies than banks. The main reason behind this is foreign currency exchange company will offer better rates for their customers foreign transactions when compared to banks.


ABOUT US Calforex Currency Exchange is a leading money exchange Toronto company. At Calforex Currency Exchange we provide better service for foreign currency exchanges to our customers in Toronto Having more than 33 years of experience we have always satisfied our clients with our professional services


OUR TEAM Our success mainly relies on the integrity, honesty and a highly trained team working together with the aim of achieving common goals. The corporate and retail currency exchange team of our company have great ability in understanding and satisfying clients currency needs. Our team of professionals will provide right guidance to the clients while  exchanging cash, transfer or receive funds from abroad.


SERVICES According to the up to date marketing information we are offering top dollar services to more than one million individuals, financial institutions and businesses each year. Some of our main services includes Bank Notes, Foreign Bank Drafts, US Outgoing Bank Transfers, Incoming Wire Transfers and much more. In addition to all these we also allow clients to purchase  foreign cash online. So by the use of this service customers can get foreign cash easily.


CONTACT US To know more about our services reach us at ADDRESS 290 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2A1 PH: (416) 921-4872

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