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Planet Safe Calendars:

Planet Safe Calendars An Eco-Friendly Alternative

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Planetsafe Calendars is an East-coast small manufacturer producing the only 100% Earth-friendly erasable product in the world. Our line of green products use only the greenest and best product. 100 % Post consumer paper Toyo Inks - 100% soy-based Our bonding agent for paper to film is a secret potato-starch adhesive - very cool Our dry-erase surface is a plant-based wood pulp veneer manufactured from a controlled forestry.

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No plastics are used on our dated short-term product line as well as many of our long term product . These product are 100% recyclable and are 100% compostable and biodegradable. Our long term products are all 100% recyclable and use the first two green ingredient but instead of cheap dry-erase film which other manufacturers use that ghosts after a short, need to be tossed and then purchase another we use the best film made which offers a non-ghosting surface for decades. That's green! We believe if you are going to offer a plastic surfaced product make it the best, and we did.

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We developed the first paperboard wall tray to hold markers, erasers and accessories utilizing only 3 strips of 2-sided tape. Our Wire-O wall calendars use 100% post consumer paper with recycled wire. We ship all our products using cartons made from recycled materials. Sealing is completed with paper tape.

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Planetsafe Calendars would like you to join our campaign to replace the tons of junky plastic calendars on the market today (and being deposited into our landfills yearly). It is not longer necessary to use plastic dry-erase products when you have a plant based alternate at a competitive price. Buy one for yourself, and tell your friends about us. Check out our affiliate program, and see how you can become an important part of reducing plastics. For More Information please visit:

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