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http://freebraindumps.co/download-MB2-707-vce-questions-answers.html QUESTION 1 You are a Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant. You are assigned a new implementation. Before you configure the customers environment you want to set the Option Value Prefix for your solution. In which location do you set the Option Value Prefix A. system settings B. the Option Set C. your solution D. The publisher of your solution Correct Answer: D

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http://freebraindumps.co/download-MB2-707-vce-questions-answers.html QUESTION 2 You create a custom entity named Ocean. It has the plural name of Oc eans. What are three system views for this custom entity Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose three. A. Ocean Lookup View B. Ocean Advanced Find View C. Ocean Associated View D. My inactive Oceans E. My active Oceans Correct Answer: ABC

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http://freebraindumps.co/download-MB2-707-vce-questions-answers.html QUESTION 3 You need to populate the Opportunity type with the Lead type. Which two actions should you perform Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two. A. Create a global option set field that can be reused across entities. B. Add this field to the mappings in the relationship C. Create two different fields that have the same value and set up a connection. D. Create one local option set with a field type of lookup to the entity. Correct Answer: AB

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http://freebraindumps.co/download-MB2-707-vce-questions-answers.html QUESTION 4 An organization wants to use Multi-Entity Quick Search. Which three e ntities can be used for Multi-Entity Quick Search Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose three. A. Leads B. Custom entities C. Accounts D. Contacts E. Orders Correct Answer: ACD

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http://freebraindumps.co/download-MB2-707-vce-questions-answers.html QUESTION 5 You add 20 new fields to the Lead entity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Y ou also add these fields to the Account record. You use the Generate F ield Mappings feature to create the mappings between the Lead and t he Account. Which two options does Dynamics CRM check to create th e mappings Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two. A. Field types B. Schema names C. Display names D. Values on option sets Correct Answer: AB

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http://freebraindumps.co/download-MB2-707-vce-questions-answers.html QUESTION 6 You create several additional attributes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. W hich two field requirement levels can be set Each correct answer prese nts a complete solution. Choose two. A. Business Required B. System Recommended C. System Required D. Business Recommended Correct Answer: AD

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http://freebraindumps.co/download-MB2-707-vce-questions-answers.html QUESTION 7 You are creating a solution in Microsoft Dynamics CRM that has new c ustom entities and attributes. Which two Data Types are supported for Calculated fields Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Ch oose two. A. Lookup B. Option Set C. Two options D. Multiple Lines of Text Correct Answer: BC

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http://freebraindumps.co/download-MB2-707-vce-questions-answers.html QUESTION 8 You want users to be able to access a custom entity from Microsoft Dy namics CRM for Tablets. Which two actions should you perform Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two. A. Add the entity to at least one SiteMap area. B. Create a new form to Mobile. C. Enable the CRM for Tablets check box. D. In Managed Properties set New forms can be created to Yes. Correct Answer: AC

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http://freebraindumps.co/download-MB2-707-vce-questions-answers.html QUESTION 9 You need to create a custom calculated numeric field that has five digit s after the decimal point. Which field type should you use A. Decimal number B. Floating point number C. Whole number D. Currency Correct Answer: A

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http://freebraindumps.co/download-MB2-707-vce-questions-answers.html QUESTION 10 You need a component that can combine form controls together with t he possibility to expand and collapse them. Which component should you choose A. sub-grid B. section C. Quick View form D. tab Correct Answer: D

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