How are CAIPS notes correlated to your visa-reapplication?


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Caips notes help you to know the exact reason of your Canada visa refusal that help you in reapplication as it helps to overcome our mistake for more information visit


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What are CAIPS notes? :

CAIPS notes are electronic notes that are kept as a record by IRCC. CAIPS stands for Computer Assisted Immigration Programming System is an online system operated by IRCC which keeps an internal record of the processed applications by the visa officers. What are CAIPS notes?

Correlation with Visa Re-application :

When applicants request CAIPS notes after their Canada visa rejection they get the information about the following things. Reasons for visa refusal Details about your visa assessment Visa officer’s remarks All these things contribute towards your visa reapplication as once you know your mistakes you don’t commit them twice and present your application in a stronger manner Correlation with Visa Re-application

Who are we? : is an online portal where a team of experts provide you with the service of CAIPS/FOSS/GCMS notes by applying for the notes on your behalf. The notes give you an insight into your visa application after you face visa refusal by highlighting the reasons for your rejection. Moreover, the services provided by experts are as follows: Applying for CAIPS/FOSS/GCMS Notes Interpretation of Notes Recommendation by Experts Drafting of Statement of Purpose Who are we?

Where do we fit? :

CAIPS notes can only be requested by a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident or an individual or corporation present in Canada. So, requests CAIPS notes on behalf of those individuals who have faced visa rejection outside Canada. To get more information about their services and charges, you can visit them at Where do we fit?

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