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Individualism-Collectivism : 

Individualism-Collectivism As Noted In:In the Company of Others an introduction to communication Third Edition J. Dan Rothwell

Individualism : 

Individualism “me” consciousness loosely linked to each other largely independent of group identification chiefly motivated by their own preferences, needs, and goals (Rothwell, 2010)

Individualism : 

Individualism Emphasis is placed on the self Communicate as individuals and pay little attention to a person’s group membership Decision making is based on the individual Conversations are based on the words “independence, self, privacy, and rights” (Rothwell, 2010)

Slogan : 

Slogan “I GOTTA BE ME; I GOTTA BE FREE”(Rothwell, 2010)

Collectivist : 

Collectivist “we” consciousness Closely linked to one or more groups Commitment to valued groups (family, organizations) is important Downplay personal goals in favor of advancing goals of a valued group (Rothwell, 2010)

Collectivism Proverbs & Adages : 

Collectivism Proverbs & Adages Chinese Proverb: “No need to know the person, only the family” African Adage: “It takes a village to raise a child” (Rothwell, 2010)

Slide 8: 

Some Individualist cultures include The U.S Australia Great Britain Canada The Netherlands New Zealand Italy (Rothwell, 2010)

Slide 9: 

Approximately 70% of the world’s population lives in collectivist cultures. (Rothwell, 2010)

Slide 10: 

Some Collectivist cultures include Guatemala Ecuador Panama Venezuela Columbia Indonesia Pakistan (Rothwell, 2010)

Slide 13: 

Differences Between Individualist And Collectivist Cultures

Slide 14: 

Poll of East Asian countries and the United States: “Which of the following are critically important to your people?” 1.An orderly society- Asians: 70%, Americans: 11% 2. Personal Freedom-Asians: 32%, Americans: 82% 3. Individual Rights-Asians: 29%, Americans: 73% (Rothwell, 2010)

Slide 15: 

Finishing the statement “I Am…” Students from collectivist cultures: finish with social identity Students from individualist cultures: finish with personal traits (Rothwell, 2010)

Slide 16: 

Attributions for behavior Individualist Cultures are more likely to place heavier emphasis on personal characteristics. Collectivist Cultures are more likely to place heavier emphasis on situational influences. (Rothwell, 2010)

Quiz Time : 

Quiz Time Are you Individualist or Collectivist? Do you prefer to be direct and forthright when you talk with people? Do you enjoy being unique and different from others in many ways? Do you like your privacy? Do you like to demonstrate your abilities to others? When you succeed, is it usually because of your abilities?

Slide 18: 

Would you do what would please your family, even if you detested that activity? Do you usually sacrifice your self-interest for the benefit of your group? Should children be taught to place duty before pleasure? Do you hate to disagree with others in your group? Before taking a major trip, do you consult with most members of your family and many friends?

Slide 19: 

Total: if you have more “yes” answers to the first five questions than to questions 6-10, you are more individualist. If you have more “yes” answers to questions 6-10, you are more collectivist.

Works Cited : 

Works Cited Rothwell, J. Dan. In the Company of Others: an Introduction to Communication. New York: Oxford UP, 2010. Print.

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