Advantages and Disadvantages of Stick Welders


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There are so many advantages of stick welders as Ideal to Weld Tight Corners, Light to Carry and Ideal for Remote Locations, etc. but the drawback is that They need more time in maintenance. Read more:-


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Stick Welders – Advantages and Disadvantages:

Stick Welders – Advantages and Disadvantages Presented By:-

Stick Welders:

Considered as traditional and old-fashioned welding machines, stick welders still the first choice of welding process at different industries and for different application. There are numerous advantages associated with these types of welders. Some of the added advantages are the following. Stick Welders Presented By:-

Ideal to Weld Tight Corners:

For automobile industry, home or farmhouse based workshops and construction areas where joints and corners need extra stability and durability. Ideal to Weld Tight Corners Light to Carry and Ideal for Remote Locations If compared to MIG and TIG welders, stick welders are light in weight; while they are easy to carry anywhere. They are ideal options for remote locations too. Presented By:-

A Variety in Electrodes :

A Variety in Electrodes One of the main advantages of stick welder is that they allow for a variety of electrode choice; while they have pretty versatile applications ensure smooth welding. Disadvantages of Stick Welders They are the right welding machines in all the ways possible; but the main drawback is that they consume more electricity and power; while create more sound during welding process. Presented By:-

Disadvantages of Stick Welders:

They need more time in maintenance; while results in various problems for the professionals who are using them. Price may also be a bit higher in comparison to other types of welding machines. They need more time to generate heat for the welding process. After going through their advantages and disadvantages, you can easily buy the right type of welding machines according to your choice and requirement. Disadvantages of Stick Welders Presented By:-

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