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Alfredo S. Lim is … raging bull : 

Alfredo S. Lim is … raging bull “If you were given a beat, you pounded that beat on foot” Alfredo Lim in Nick Joaquin’s Biography May Langit Din Ang Mahirap

June 30, 2007 : 

June 30, 2007 Former police chief Alfredo Lim took his oath of office as the newly elected Mayor of Manila – a mandate that dismayed many, not least the former Mayor, Lito Atienza, whose son was defeated by Lim and whose beloved Baywalk project was scrapped, also by Lim, but despite – or perhaps because of – his vigilante system of crime-fighting and no-nonsense approach to governance, many view hard-edged Lim as the only solution to the mean streets of Manila. Erwin Romulo brings his investigation to City Hall and involves himself in the internal affairs of the Mayor they call “DIRTY HARRY”.

In the Line of fire : 

In the Line of fire Previous Spread: Since regaining the mayorship, Fred Lim’s message has been consistent as well as a bit chilling: “I ran to rid Manila of criminals. I vow to wipe them out.”


CITY HEAT In his 55 years of public service, the 77-year old Lim has been the head of the Western Police District, the National Bureau of Investigation and the Mayoralty of Manila. No matter what, his methods—especially in relation to the media – remain that of a cop’s.


HEARTBREAK RIDGE Lim takes command over 12 rogue soldiers during the Channel 4 coup on August 28, 1989. (Boxsie Ortiz)


COOGAN’S BLUFF Top: Lim holds a dialogue with Polytechnic University of the Philippines President Nemesio Prudente and Metro Manila Commission Governor Jejomar Binay about a bomb supposedly kept in the former’s office. Known as an ally to the left, Prudente has had run-in’s with Lim since the First Quarter Storm.(Nick Galino); Bottom: Not just a tough talker against illegal drugs, Lim’s exploits and anger against the trade have left their own bloody trail.


THE GAUNTLET At a speaking engagement, Lim demonstrates his resolve. He tells the audience: “Laban na! Laban na!”; Inset: Far from being untouchable, Lim isn’t keen on heavy security. During his campaign in 1998, an elderly woman pinches him upon arriving in downtown Bacolod. (Val Rodriguez)

Blood work : 

Blood work Flanked by lawyers , Lim vehemently disputes the allegation that he isn’t a Filipino citizen during the COMELEC hearing regarding his disqualification. (Revoli Cortez)

Perfect world : 

Perfect world During the National Press Club’s Sunday Club, Lim dons a chef’s hat and smiles with forked sausages.


PERFECT WORLD Top: Lim receives communion at the first day mass of Simbang Gabi at Sto. Nino de Tondo Church. (Edd Gumban) Center: The Liberal Party’s presidential candidate takes a moment to tidy up his looks before leaving his room at the Dusit Hotel. (Mike Amoroso) Bottom: P/Bri. Gen. Lim during a forum.


UNFORGIVEN Top left: Lim listens to alleged kidnapper and Taiwanese national Ho Chen-Ko while WPD Dir. Col. Avelino Razon looks on; Top right: His alleged victim Lin Chung confronts his kidnapper. (Bernardo Batuigas) Bottom left: On a televised interview with Teddy Benigno, Lim breaks down when asked about being an orphan; Bottom right: P/Brig. Gen. Alfredo Yson, Maj. Gen. Prospero Olivas, P/Brig. Gen. Narciso Cabrera and P/Brig. Gen. Lim with Lt. Gen. Ramos during the EDSA Revolt.


HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER Pointing to smoke-stacks out of the North Cemetery Crematorium, Lim informs reporters that they burned 57 kilos of shabu. (Bernardo Batuigas)

Absolute power : 

Absolute power Recognized as one of the heroes of EDSA, Lim addresses the crowed gathered at the People Power Monument.

Political cartoons : 

Political cartoons Pages from the comic book Ang Kasaysayan ni Alfredo S. Lim written by Zenaida Flores. The panels featured recount Lim’s first ever encounter as detective in San Lazaro, resulting in the death of notorious crime lord Norberto “Boy” Liban.

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