Crematorium in Amiens, Paris: Pure Soulful Journey


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Crematorium in Amiens Paris: Pure Soulful Journey Life’s most important and emotional moment is death. When we lost our loved one that is the phase which is unforgettable in anyone’s life. Everyone deserves a peaceful death which keeps the soul rest in peace. To compliment this peaceful journey of soul a well- built and soulful crematorium is very important. Taking in consideration Plan 01 has designed a crematorium in the state of Paris i.e. Amiens. The architects who have contributed in this project are Ignacio Prego Architectures Bocabeille Architecte Phileas Koz and Atelier du Pont. The exact location of crematorium is Avenue de Grâce 8000 Amiens Paris. It completed in 2015. Total area it covers is 1285.0 sqm. It structured as an encircled domes with pale white color. The interior of the crematorium is vast smooth and closely open. As mentioned closely open design which symbolizes the human soul that entrapped in the body for whole life and after death it becomes free in this world. As conformed by engaged Architects the theme of the crematorium was circle which explains the cubicle dome structure. But it’s not projected only outside the design of inner side is also in the form of circle. The basic design has kept in the form of circle because it represents the centre of body the timelessness of time the universe and the spirituality. In the serene and calm environment the landscape has a big role to play. The location where it is situated is green and somewhere creates a contact between building and vegetation. As vast building it is but from inside the functional area is very less. One room is for the eulogy and siting area. Most of the area in the crematorium has kept hollow for the purpose of peace. The architectural design speaks for itself

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