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Architectural construction document set services. Our CD set consists of detailed drawings for building construction. The construction documentation we provide mainly comprises of a set of drawings that address the architecture, interiors, plumbing, mechanical systems, structural, facade and landscape design of a project.


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Visit Our Site: www.caddraftingservices.in Then you are at right place. COPL is assisting over 500+ architects across the world in converting their Hand Drawings or PDF’s into a Construction Document Set at very pocket friendly prices. What is Construction Document Set Construction drawing is the general term used for drawings that form part of the production information that is incorporated into tender documentation and then the contract documents for the construction works. Benefits of Construction Document Set:  Easy understanding of all details floor plans stair sheet section sheet etc. to all labours.  Door and window Schedules helps the labour to figure out the quantity of the materials requirement.

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Visit Our Site: www.caddraftingservices.in  It carefully shows the quantity and locations of the individual elements of each design. Benefits of Outsourcing:  Reduced Cost  Saves Time  Distributes Risk  Improves quality  Brings innovation  Increases productivity What we require  Hand Sketches or PDF’s  Previous files for reference  Layers Standards reference Project execution:  Project Understanding  Project Execution  Progressive Dispatch  Corrections  Quality Check  Final Dispatch The above mentioned is C O P L’ s project execution process. We value our client’s time and make it easy to understand their requirements by frequent communications with the client and completing the work within the time limit. What includes in Final Dispatch  Cover Sheet  Site Plan  Floor Plans  Roof Plan  Elevations  Sections  Wall sections  Details  Electrical Floor Plan  Mechanical Plan  Plumbing Plan

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Visit Our Site: www.caddraftingservices.in  Door Window schedule  Foundation Plan  Framing Plan  Interior Elevations  Water Riser Diagram  Plumbing Riser Diagram Construction Documentation Set consists of 2 main Documents: Project manual and the drawings. Before the project manual. Contains project name number location description owner name and address bid date and time bid security required architect engineers location address and contact. Contains all specific details. As Built drawings: An as-built drawing is a revised set of drawings submitted by a contractor upon completion of a construction project. As-built drawings show the dimensions geometry and location of all components of the project. They contain any changes made from the initial drawings during the construction process and provide an exact rendering of the building and property as it appears upon completion Importance:  They are a record from which future system changes and/or additions can be designed.  These drawings make the maintenance and repair of the building simpler by informing the owner or occupant of locations for plumbing cabling or any other hidden components.  For contractors as-built drawings provide a clear record of the changes pursued in the interim stages of construction and make it easier to clearly visualize the next steps. This makes it much easier to notice complications introduced by the changes and solve the problem in future.  For Clients and Building Owners having a complete and detailed set of as built drawings is essential. Since as built drawings contain records of installations they are an invaluable help if the owner decides to modify the building in the future or if problems arise that the owner needs to troubleshoot.  Because as built drawings are also valuable to the future buyers of the property they’re a useful part of the final scale.

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