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3D CAD modeling has become highly popular in the AEC industry. Progress in technology and the availability of software for simulation and control have made it easy to do construction projects.


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CAD Modeling for Strategic Planning

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Planning is a vital part of the construction process. It helps in smoother execution and management of the building. But construction planning is full uncertainties. Tradition methods of construction are not robust enough to predict the uncertainties in construction design.

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“ As a result 3D CAD modeling has become highly popular in the AEC industry. Progress in technology and the availability of software for simulation and control have made it easy to do construction projects.

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for construction planning and resource utilization Site utilization and planning 1.

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3D CAD modeling is playing a huge role in planning construction safety during the construction process. The data of equipment and material is added to the 3D CAD models to improve decision making. It is also used to analyze the temporary and permanent locations on site during the various phases of the constructions.

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plan total material requirements Material Management 2.

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Structural CAD drawings and 3D CAD model contain reliable information about the construction plans. Using them it is easier to predict the amount of material needed. You can determine the cost related to the construction. In 3D CAD modeling it becomes easier to keep track of the order and delivery status of the required materials.

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by linking a clash test to the project schedule Determining time-based clashes 3.

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Time-based clash detection can be done using 3D CAD modeling. Using 3D CAD modeling one can analyze and verify the sequence of operations during the construction process. This ensures the building process does not conflict with each other. It also becomes very easy to manage and coordinate equipment that must co-exist at a construction site.

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for any design conflicts or inconsistencies 3D coordination and clash detection 4.

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In the traditional methods comparing drafts and data sheets to find clashes is extremely complex. Clash detection in CAD 3D modeling helps to effectively visualize every discipline and promotes the interaction between disciplines at every phase with great clarity and ease. In CAD 3D modeling construction delays and costs are reduced and productivity shoots up.

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detecting the most fundamental problems Problem detection 5.

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3D CAD model gives a clear insight into the various construction activities phases and schedules. 3D CAD modeling offers a powerful visualization for the construction process. It involves disciplines like architecture structure and MEP. Better visualization help teams to find and solve problems before the construction starts. It supports analysis of multiple what-if scenarios and evaluates errors that might occur.

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