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Burj Dubai Finishing touches are made on the world’s highest building.

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Burj Dubai Taipei 101 Empire State Eiffel tower 818 m 509 m 381 m 318 m

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The construction started in 2004.

Slide 4: 

february 2006

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In May 2007 it set a record in vertical concrete pumping of 500 meters.

Slide 6: 

In september 2007 was already the worlds highest building. (555 m)

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September 2008, it is the highest building ever built by human hand. It’s height: 700 m.

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With its160 floors, it broke a previous record. .. The previous world record was 110 story's.

Slide 9: 

Its work in progress…

Slide 10: 

It set the record in occurred expenses too:4,2 billion Dollars.

Slide 11: 

For its construction new technological solutions have been developed.

Slide 12: 

The crane operators had no acrophobia.

Slide 14: 

At the upper level the Earth's curvature and rotation is detectable.

Slide 15: 

The existing skyscrapers are dwarfed by the tower.

Slide 16: 

A photo from last year…

Slide 18: 

A view from the tower… in fair weather…

Slide 19: 

…and at dust storm.

Slide 20: 

The tower from afar…

Slide 21: 

The location of the tower in Dubai.

Slide 22: 

The surroundings

Slide 26: 

There is an artificial lake and a fountain in front of the tower.

Slide 27: 

This is the Worlds highest musical fountain.

Slide 28: 

The curtain of water is 150 m high and 250 m long

Slide 29: 

The fountain’s jets are computer controlled.

Slide 30: 

The cost of construction of the fountain was 220 million dollars.

Slide 31: 

The jets are illuminated by 6600 electric bulbs and 50 colored light projectors.

Slide 32: 

The construction of the Burj Dubai will be completed, but the opening could be deferred for years due to economic crisis, and the decline of tourism.

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