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Teenagers Today:

Teenagers Today Cheppudira Narthan Nachappa xlhockey@gmail.com

Teenagers Nowadays are…:

Teenagers Nowadays are… Lazy. Immature. Immoral. Interested only in pubs, discos, parties, iPods, video games, and Facebook etc. Ignorant or Unaware. Irresponsible.

Are you responsible?:

Are you responsible? Maybe it depends on what we mean by “ responsible ”. Reliable: able to be counted on owing to qualities of consistency and trustworthiness This is probably what folks mean when they say teens are irresponsible . But I want to focus today on another definition of “ responsible ”.

Are you responsible?:

Are you responsible? Responsible: “answerable or accountable, as for something within one's power, control, or management” Are you responsible in this sense? Are you responsible for your actions? For your life?

Are you responsible?:

Are you responsible? Maybe not. The courts may not hold you fully responsible for your actions until you are 18. Your parents may not hold you responsible. Society may say you are the product of your genes and your environment. But consider this…

Fast Forward:

Fast Forward Fast forward your life twenty years. Where will you be? What will your life be like? Will you be happy? What or who will determine the answers to these questions? And who will be your life partner ;-)


Blame Whom will you blame if your life is destroyed? Who will be responsible if your situation/life is less than what you want? Who will be blamed if you are not the person you would like to be, morally, intellectually, physically, vocationally? Mom and Dad? Society? Chance? God?


Blame You may be justified in blaming these people and circumstances… But what good will that do for you?


Yesterday Bad things may have happened to you. Really bad things. And later in your life you may be justified in blaming them for your troubles. But what good will that do for you?


Today If you have the chance to change your future, to improve your life, to do something today that would lead to higher fulfillment tomorrow, Would you do it? Then what are you waiting for?


Power Whether you are technically responsible or not Your actions and decisions today will play a role in what your life looks like tomorrow… And what kind of person you are… And whether you find fulfillment. You have the power to change your life… And your future.


Circumstances Your circumstances, past or present, may be difficulties, burdens To overcome Opportunities To find fulfillment Challenges To strengthen you.


Life Would life be worth living, if it were nothing but unhappiness? No meaning, no fulfillment.


Fulfillment The only reasonable motivation for doing anything is to increase your own sense of fulfillment. How do we find fulfillment? Pleasure? Sex? Food? Fun? Or speaking over phone to your boy/girl friend?


Fulfillment Sure. We can find fulfillment in all of these things, but it is often short lived. There are things that bring constant fulfillment. Love. Kindness. Honor. Achievement. Responsibility.


Fulfillment There is the satisfaction of a job well done… There is the fulfillment that comes from liking, being proud of who you have become. Knowing you fulfilled your duty. Helping others - Social Service ;-) Improving yourself Your life.


Fulfillment Can you influence your present and future level of fulfillment? You surely can.


Tomorrow We need to take a long range view of fulfillment. It is not reasonable to exchange a high level of long range fulfillment for a little bit of fleeting fulfillment today. It may be fun to get drunk today Be lazy Waste your time But how will that affect your fulfillment tomorrow In ten years?


Tomorrow What if, instead… You did what you know was right… And best in the long run.


Decisions Little choices you make today… For tomorrow. For Good and bad. To create habits. To your character To your fulfillment


Questions What kind of person do you want to be? What kind of life do you want to live? When you are lying on your deathbed, what kind of life do you want to look back on?

Begin today:

Begin today To make the next slide TRUE..!!!

Teenagers in future…:

Teenagers in future… Are responsible In that they have the power To choose. To affect their own destiny And chart their own courses Toward fulfillment.

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