The Science and Ingredients Behind BY TERRY’s Luxurious Skincare Line

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BY TERRY founder Terry de Gunzburg is a trailblazing legend whose trademark beauty look has always been distinctive: imperceptible foundation, impeccable lips, and thick, separated lashes. Over the past 30 years, she has changed the face of beauty and French makeup, giving modern women the quality products they need to look and feel beautiful. Many formulas are dual-action makeup and skincare products that are easy-to-use yet luxurious.


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The Science and Ingredients Behind BY TERRY’s Luxurious Skincare and Makeup Line BY TERRY founder Terry de Gunzburg has spent decades trailblazing the beauty industry including scientific research and development. With a family background in science and training in medicine herself de Gunzburg has directed her passion for science toward understanding the power of active ingredients to enhance and treat skin. As a child de Gunzburg lived on the shores of Egypt staring at plants and flowers admiring their beauty and wondering about the science behind them. She desired to deconstruct flowers and plants to understand how they were made. Today BY TERRY is a luxury French makeup and skincare brand that’s committed to developing premium makeup with skincare benefits while celebrating the natural French look. BY TERRY uses only the purest pigments in exceptionally high concentrations. They also incorporate nourishing and protective ingredients into beauty products that can care for your skin as you wear them. The list of high-end ingredients used throughout the BY TERRY collection would fill countless pages but below are several signature extracts and raw materials—all key to BY TERRY’s beauty and skincare collections. Nobody creates French makeup brands like de Gunzburg does. Densiliss®

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Among BY TERRY’s foundation for dry skin formulas is Densiliss® technology which aids in surface skin rejuvenation. The brand’s Terrbly Densiliss® Foundation contains this innovative technology which with its serum formula provides true skincare treatment to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The anti-aging foundation from BY TERRY also works to prevent the skin from losing its elasticity. Tahitian Black Pearl Tahitian black pearls are rich in calcium anti-aging proteins and antioxidant tocopherols. They’re exotic luxurious and wonderful for your skin. You can find Tahitian black pearl extract in the Ombre Blackstar collection of cream eyeshadow pens from BY TERRY. The easy-to-use eyeshadow stick glides onto eyelids smoothly and effortlessly to deliver long-lasting color. In addition to brightening and lifting eyelids with its light-reflecting formula the eyeshadow pen also won’t smudge or smear. Lumicoat® Care Technology Lumicoat® Care Technology is the secret to the Terrybly range of Growth Booster Mascara. It activates eyelash growth and helps deliver greater volume length and lash thickness. It combines glycoproteins collagen and hyaluronic acid for silkier lashes and ultra-soft plant wax and polymers for a curving volumizing effect. This premium mascara is a luxe beauty staple to have in your makeup bag. Browse BY TERRY’s entire collection of skincare and makeup products at

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