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Study in Belarus Brest is arranged inside the edges of LativaLithuania Poland Ukriane and Russia.A driving partition of 25 hours from Brussel 21 hours from Bern and 145 hours from Paris.Brest State Technical University is a gigantic scientifc and educational concentration in the western locale of the Republic of specialists are readied and a colossal volume of consistent investigation is done in the circles of auxiliary planning structure electronic mechanical structure budgetary angles and science. Brest State specific University is a person from the Association of Technical Universities and the Association of framework Cooperation is isolated of a consoetium working on 6 assignment of Erasmus + program.The University has surrendered 130 interest concurrences with driving universities.The school has coherent assessment research focuses: "self-concentrated on improvement" "Artifical neural network""pulsar". Contact Us: Address: Office address 30 Ley Pobedy str.3 office 102 Izhevsk Udmurtia Republic Russia Website:

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Email: Phone no: +7905-877-48-58

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