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financial planning basics


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How to Manage your Finances:

How to Manage your Finances …from budgeting basics and paying back your student loans to 401k’s and retirement planning Nick Harter, MBA (260) 443-7674 nick.harter@nmfn.com

Portrait of a Hypothetical Millionaire:

Portrait of a Hypothetical Millionaire 54 years old Self made 61% never received an inheritance Lives in a 40-year-old home in well-established neighborhood Purchased 12 years ago ($435,000 median price) Currently worth 1.4 million Drives a 4-year-old American vehicle Most popular autos include Ford F-150 pickup and Explorer SUV. Source: The Millionaire Mind. Thomas J. Stanley, 2001

What Makes Millionaires Different?:

What Makes Millionaires Different? No high-consumption lifestyle. Well educated. Mindful Investors. Invests 20% of household income each year Planners and budgeters.

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