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Buy Magic Jack – Dirt-Cheap Phone Service Without Compromise Buy the Magic Jack Today and avail yourself to the online promotion- where you can participate in a 30 day in-home no obligation risk-free trial. Your $39.95 purchase of the Magic Jack will include one complete year of free phone service. This awesome promotion makes sure you have nothing to lose apart from your monthly phone bill.

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The Magic Jack is continuing to make the news as they keep gathering awards for their product and services and with the ease of use and caliber of voice quality offered by their VOIP device it is no surprise.

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It is not uncommon to see a huge following over a product when it first hits the market since it obtains natural popularity due to its fresh appearance on the technology scene. But, to see a technological device, such as the Magic Jack, continue to maintain its acclaim through the years speaks volumes about this renowned "wonder device". From the enormous amount of positive Magic Jack reviews one can be assured that when they buy the Magic Jack voip device they will not be disappointed.

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Most likely, a huge factor contributing to the major success of the Magic Jack is the present state of the economy and the accompanying savings a Magic Jack user can enjoy when switching to voip telephone service. It only costs $39.95 to buy the Magic Jack and that price includes a free year of local and long distance phone service.

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Once your complimentary year of phone service has expired you can renew another year of unlimited voip calling for just $19.95. With these prices, it is no wonder why thousands are choosing to switch to VOIP phone service and part ways with their traditional and overly priced telephone provider.

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The Magic Jack is the perfect gift for friends and family as it will continually prove to be useful and enriching as it introduces an affordable method of being able to "stay in touch" with loved ones. This is especially true for relatives and friends that do not live within local calling areas.

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As well, the Magic Jack is completely portable and is especially useful for one who travels frequently. Matter in fact, the frequent traveler will come to consider their Magic Jack as an essential companion if they are seeking to dramatically slash their phone expenses.

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Another great feature of the Magic Jack is their risk-free and no obligation 30 day trial offer. Many new products choose to append this deal to consumers as a selling gimmick but many are not able to boast their status as an accredited member of the BBB with an "A" rating!

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The ability to maintain such high regard and status with the Better Business Bureau through the years definitely validates their offer. This fact gives the consumer the confidence of knowing that if they are not completely satisfied with the Magic Jack they can avail themselves to the 30 day trial period and remain free of any obligation or expense.

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The choice is clear, as is the voice quality of the Magic Jack, and if one is looking to see a drastic reduction in their phone bill then the Magic Jack is a definite option to be considered. It is not too often where a product lives up to the "hype" and the masses of satisfied Magic Jack users seem to verify that this is definitely the case with this VOIP device. Better still, when the consumer switches to VOIP phone calling their is no sacrifice on their part as all the highly coveted calling features are included within their Magic Jack service. Check out the Magic Jack today and see how one can experience "dirt-cheap" unlimited local and long distance calling witthout the need for compromise.

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