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Choose Electronic Cigarette only from Ganja. We have verity of Electronic Cigarette, vapor device & e Liquids. Choose Electronic Cigarette that will go well with your ecig juice.


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Electronic Cigarettes:

Electronic Cigarettes Electronic Cigarette has now revolutionized the world of cigarette smoking. Many smokers around the world have switched in this healthy alternative way of enjoying a good smoke. E-cigarette is an electronic compact device that vaporizes solutions for pleasurable smoking experience. This is now the current trend and now a huge industry. A totally new lifestyle for a new breed of innovative smokers who are now craving awesome e juice flavors gearing away from conventional cigarettes to avoid harmful effects while satisfying their pleasure. Switch to a new pleasurable lifestyle and choose among the very best e cigarettes only from Ganja! Your perfect vapor device that will go well with your ecig juice.


ELIPS Pen The ELIPS Pen e-cigarette is a very reliable electronic vaporizer device that can accommodate dry or waxy substances. This portable ecig all-in-one gadget is very easy to use and handy for vaporizing dry herbs and great for nicotine drips. The ELIPS e-cig pen works well with a dropper for your convenience.

JoyTech eVic:

JoyTech eVic eVic is a milestone, a turning point, and a new development direction of vapor intelligent electronic cigarette battery.

Ego C Twist E Cigarette:

Ego C Twist E Cigarette The Ego C Twist E-Cigarette is the best electronic cigarette device for beginners on the market today. Innovatively designed for maximum vapor smoking through the adjustable voltage regulator that you can easily rotate for the desired proper voltage needed for ultimate vapor and maximum burn. A totally unique feature that is very practical and cost efficient great for your convenient ejuice smoking pleasure.

iTaste MVP:

iTaste MVP Main Features: Variable Voltage: voltage can be adjusted from 3.3 – 5.0 volts in .1 volt increments. VariableWattage : Wattage can be adjusted from 6.0 – 11.0 W in .5 watts increments. Read more about iTaste MVP e-cigarette at

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