10 Minutes To A Great Presentation

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10 Minutes To A Great Presentation : 

10 Minutes To A Great Presentation From

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Do not waste your time waiting for it Every business presenter spends time looking inspiration

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start creating a mind dump It is a method to generate ideas

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How to create mind dump? Step 1: Start noting down all your ideas on a sheet

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focus on exhausting all your thoughts on the subject

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Stop when you go blank/repeat the points

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Step 2: Club related ideas under various headings

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You would see that a number of points in your thought dump are related in some way

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Start clubbing them together by giving each group a headline to represent the nature of the points Group A Group B Group C

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Example Group Heading Ideas

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Step 3: Arrange the headings into a coherent story

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The last step is to arrange your various headings into a coherent story. Story is the ‘outline’ of your presentation Group A Group B Group C

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Start noting down the relevant data and the images you need to explain each heading

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Once you have the outline, it doesn’t take much effort to convert it into slides

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Mind Dump helps you to see the big picture first, before you start creating your slides And also your presentations will have a clear flow

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An even faster way is to use templates templates from BUYAPRESENTATION.COM Pictures required

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