The Importance of Pin and Bushing Turning

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A pin and bushing turning and sprocket segment replacement at the time of the turn can help with the longevity of your complete undercarriage on dozers and track loaders. This is significant in that the bushings become completely worn out, which helps you with wearing the life of your track link assembly completely out.


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The Importance of Pin and Bushing Turning Bux-Mont Undercarriage


Ignoring undercarriage management can be costly. Equipment failure of this nature can lead to even more lost money besides the repair. However, the con to not servicing and managing your equipment properly, can be extremely costly when something catastrophic happens on a job site.


Being proactive in maintenance Making good business decisions, such as being proactive in maintenance at the due time. Measuring wear and periodically following a few basic recommendations can stop the costly repairs and expenditures in its tracks. A good place to spot with this type of maintenance is pin and bushing turning.


All the benefits a simple maintenance Although a pin and bushing turning has been a known and used maintenance staple in the past. The economic value of the practice is getting a second glance today because of all the benefits a simple maintenance step can bring in cost savings to business owners.

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