Enjoy Good Health with Good Morning Tea and

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Enjoy Good Health with Good Morning Tea and Relaxing Tea brought to you by Butterfly Ayurveda :

Enjoy Good Health with Good Morning Tea and Relaxing Tea brought to you by Butterfly Ayurveda

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As daybreak sets in and you feel the sun caress your face while your eyelids flutter open, you know it’s time to take the day by storm, but you’re not quite there yet… A warm sip of appetizing herbal chai infused with nature’s goodness to soothe your heart’s desire, is just the perfect way to wake your mornings. In this day and age of intense and challenging routines, it is essential to keep tabs on your health by exercising timed workout sessions and following a nutritious and wholesome diet.

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Satiating your senses with an honest cup of brewed health by Butterfly Ayurveda  Suprabhat Chai - Good Morning Tea will help reinvigorate your early routines. This refreshing beverage lets you enjoy a unique blend of pure ayurvedic herbs and tea leaves that can be brewed and consumed at the start of the day. This nourishing health drink is also known as the Cognition Enhancer Tea. It is proven to boost your immunity and improve concentration. It is also known to support and protect the liver, act as an effective remedy for mild cough and cold, and is a rich source of antioxidants. throughout the day.

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You can buy Good Morning tea online India to stay fresh and active

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Butterfly Ayurveda Suprabhat Chai’s  formula is infused with natural soothers like lemongrass, mulethi , kali mirch , tulsi including immunity and memory boosters like  guduchi and brahmi . These rejuvenating blends are available in two variants- black tea leaf fusion and green tea leaf fusion . After a productive day, you deserve a moment to unwind and be carefree.  Butterfly Ayurveda’s Ratri Chai - Night Time Tea  is specially formulated to work on relaxing your mind and body so that you can enjoy a good night’s rest.

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This calming beverage does not contain caffeine and is enriched with the essential goodness of  ashwagandha , brahmi , lemongrass, kali mirch , guduchi , tulsi and shankhpushpi , that helps in relieving stress and healing your body through a natural process. It also promotes digestion & enhances bioavailability of other herbs. Each and every sip  of this Relaxing Tea endows a soothing and calming relief. You can also buy relaxing tea online India on Amazon.in ..

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Butterfly Ayurveda teas are your answer to absolute body detox and help you live a healthy & hearty life. Enriched with special ingredients; Butterfly Ayurveda tea range is based on the ayurvedic concept of balancing the three doshas ( Vata , Pita and Kapha ) within the body . Butterfly Ayurveda tea bags come wrapped in tastefully crafted packaging sealed with promising quality standards, complimented by pure and irresistible herbal goodness for your daily cup of good health. This unadulterated brew formula contains no added artificial flavours or preservatives and are available in a variety of

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to choose from. Apart from taste, you are also free to choose your desired quantity as Butterfly Ayurveda packaging is available in 200gm tea leaf packs and 25 tea bags pack(50gm). Sometimes you need to be your own superhero and Butterfly Ayurveda tea is your magic potion to a healthy and fresh start and your lullaby remedy when you want to hit snooze. So if you are ready for a refill, reach us at  butterflyayurveda.com .  Butterfly Ayurveda teas are also available on other online portals such as Amazon, giskaa , mydhaba , shopwellnessonline .

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