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What is Body Mass Index? : 

What is Body Mass Index? Body mass index or BMI is a number calculated with a persons weight and height in inches Formula for BMI BMI = (weight in pounds * 703 ) /height in inches²

BMI Calculation Example : 

BMI Calculation Example BMI=(weight in pounds*703)/height in inches² If a person weighs 100 lbs and is 60 inches tall then BMI will be calculated as follows: BMI=(100*703)/60² BMI=70300/3600 BMI=19.5 This BMI is within the normal healthy range of 18.5-25

Healthy BMI : 

Healthy BMI A healthy BMI is considered 18.5-25 BMI=26-30 is considered overweight BMI=30+ is considered obese BMI=<18 is considered underweight All of these considerations apply to adult BMI measurements

Benefits of a Healthy BMI : 

Benefits of a Healthy BMI Lower risk for developing type 2 diabetes Increased joint longevity Decreased risk of cardiovascular problems including heart attack and stroke Decreased risk of developing cancer

BMI Greater than 30 : 

BMI Greater than 30 A BMI greater than 30 can cause or be a contributing factor to type 2 diabetes, hypertension, stroke, and heart attack The risk of developing these conditions is lower when a healthy BMI is maintained (18.5-25)

Healthy Food Choices : 

Healthy Food Choices Limit carbohydrate intake to 180 grams a day for women and 240 grams a day for men Increase vegetable intake Limit simple carbohydrate intake Increase whole grain intake Decrease consumption of “white” foods: processed sugar, white bread, white rice

Nutrition Facts : 

Nutrition Facts Nutrition facts for all foods purchased at a grocery store can be found on the packaging containing the food The carbohydrates and fat, especially saturated fat, are the most important things to look for Low carbohydrate foods with a small amount of fat are the best

Cooking at Home : 

Cooking at Home When making meals at home focus on vegetables being the largest part of the meal followed by lean protein and then a complex carbohydrate When preparing vegetables try to use calorie free spray butter or season them with spices instead of using regular butter Meat portions should be about the size of a deck of cards or 3 to 4 ounces

Increase Physical Activity : 

Increase Physical Activity Increasing physical activity burns more calories and assists in weight loss 30 minutes of moderate physical activity 3-4 times a week is recommended for a healthy lifestyle Moderate exercise includes: walking at a fast pace, a slow jog, riding a bicycle fast enough to break a sweat etc…

Eating Smart on the Go! : 

Eating Smart on the Go! Each fast food restaurant has a menu available with nutrition facts…Ask for it!! Many choices on the dollar menu at McDonalds®, Burger King®, and Wendys® are low in carbohydrates and high in protein Staying under the allotted 45 carbohydrates for women and 60 carbohydrates for men per meal is very possible on the go, just know the nutrition facts

Maintaining a Healthy BMI : 

Maintaining a Healthy BMI Once a healthy BMI is reached it has to be maintained in order to continue the health benefits associated with it Maintain a healthy diet and a continue to exercise regularly Don’t let all your hard work go…Keep it up!!

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