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Business phones direct buys and sells telephone systems for business. We provide business telephones and voip systems from top brands. Call 866-643-0030.


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Business Phones Direct is located in Long Beach, CA and has been buying and selling high quality business telephone systems since 1985. With our 20 employees, our success has been measured through our belief that the service and support we provide is just as important as the technology we offer.

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Business Phones Direct is a green company has a solid set of core beliefs and expertise with makes us the best at what we do. We Look Forward to helping you find the best solution for your company’s needs. If you have any questions, please contact us at 866-777-7466. We are available Monday-Friday from 7am to 5pm PST. We can also be found at

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Service and Support 1 year Warranty on all business phones Support w/ phone system purchase Up to 3 years of unmatched support

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Services Installation, Data Wiring and Training System Maintenance Phone and System Sales

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