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Do you own a Lamborghini Huracan? Or going to buy one? There are a few facts you should know about Lamborghini Huracan. More information visit


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6 Key Facts to Know about Lamborghini  Huracan

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When it comes to Lamborghini, fast and expensive are two words that instantly come to your mind. Some people can’t stand to be noticed in a crowd. Definitely, there’s something to be said for flying under the radar . Do you own a Lamborghini Huracan ? Or going to buy one? There are a few facts you should know about Lamborghini Huracan :

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1. The recent model – The 5th version the wild Lamborghini Huracan Performante is just released to beat any Lamborghini competitors with is performance and speed. Initially, buyers could choose from, coupe, convertible, RWD or AWD configurations. But now, you can have the 5th version the wild Lamborghini Huracan Performante . 2. The Strength – The Huracan’s suspension is 50% stronger and a testament to the engineer’s late nights as well as uncountable simulations in their test environment. The suspension to be more relaxed making the Lamborghini Huracan feel so comfortable on the road, even if the road is broken. 3. The Processing Ability – All of the latest sports cars are operated through interconnected systems so that they can communicate over a network effortlessly. Tesla uses a TCP/IP like the internet, but Lamborghini opted for the Flex Ray Protocol to keep away the hackers. The Huracan exists as a collection of computers – which exchange date at a rate of 10 Megabits per second.

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4. The Corporate Cousin – You might be surprised to know the similarities between the Huracan and the Audi R8. But they are not coincidental. Both the cars feature same aluminum space frame, welded by master coachbuilders. And of course are both produced by Volkswagen. The chassis is shipped to Italy from Germany, for the Huracan . The collaboration between engineers at Audi and Lamborrghini , both sides of the Alps, has allowed both cars to become incredibly successful cousins. 5. The Visibility – What good are windows if don’t have a full view outside? You might think the Lamborghini Huracan would be claustrophobic but when the door is closed you change your mind. The Huracan is easy to see out of, even with the monster V10 behind. Its engine is kept lower than the Gallardo in order to keep the center of gravity close to the ground . The vertical glass at the rear end eliminates glare and makes the cockpit seem much larger than it actually is. Even, the beltline is lower than before – which makes it breeze to drive along any roads.

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6. The Racing-like Feel – Are you up to a challenge? Get a set of 18″ wheels from the Huracan GT3 and get those tires warmed up for some sticky rubber and you will be ready to go. You won’t need to beef this car up, as in stock form it is ready to race . The Lamborghini Huracan is so composed in any situation; you want to drive it quickly. Due to the existence of magnetic suspension and incredibly stiff frame, every driving mode has its own set of personality.

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