Preventing STI's

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Preventing STI's Preventing STI's

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The only way to completely prevent yourself from getting STI's is to abstain from any sexual activity. Sometimes though, this is not an option and there are still ways you can attempt to prevent STI's:

Become Educated on the Topic:

Become Educated on the Topic There are many online resources where you can learn about STI's. Find out if what you think is true are myths or truth. This way you are more informed and can make more educated decisions. You can contact your school counsellor for resources.

Have Regular Check Ups:

Have Regular Check Ups It's a lot easier to treat STI's if you catch them early on (when you haven't had them for long). This way you have a lower risk of STI's harming you long term. If you are aware that you have an STI you can prevent you partner from catching it too by abstaining from sexual activity until your STI is resolved.

Use a Condom:

Use a Condom Using a condom will definably lower the risk of having a STI, although it won't rule out all risk of becoming infected. Using a condom will also help to prevent any unwanted pregnancy’s. It's the only method of birth control that will help prevent.

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Staying safe and away from STI's will help you to live a happier, healthier life!

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