Know About Frontline Plus and How to Apply Frontline Plus?

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Frontline Plus is a product that is highly recommended by veterinarians as the best way to relief fleas and ticks. Read information about the proper way to apply frontline plus.


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slide 1: Page 1 Know About Frontline Plus and How to Apply Frontline Plus Though Frontline Plus occupies the biggest part of flea and tick treatment market for dogs occasionally the news about the inefficiency of treatment comes into light. However many a times the actual reason is wrong application of the topical treatment which otherwise is quite trustable. Yes In most of the cases the undesired results people often experience with Frontline Plus are due to improper application of the treatment. Often due to insufficient knowledge of the product ’s usage the treatment does not give good results in removing fleas and ticks in dogs. Follow this concise guide thoroughly to make sure that you also do not fall victim to such a problem. Precautions:  You can keep the product at room temperature but make sure it is out of reach of children and pets.  Make sure it is in the original container and in an unbroken package.  Frontline Plus is an inflammable solution so keep it away from fire. Know the proper way of using Frontline Plus for dogs:  Use Frontline Plus only for dogs of 8 weeks and above age group.  As Frontline Plus is waterproof it remains effective in water too. However you should wait 24 hours after applying it to make sure your dog ’s skin has absorbed it completely. This way the effect will not be lost after swimming or bathing the pet.  Use one applicator per treatment for the applicable size of dog.

slide 2: Page 2 Know the proper size and dosage for dogs for applying Frontline Plus: Frontline Plus can be applied in following amount to the different size of dogs: 1. -0.67 ml applicator for dogs and puppies up to 22 lbs 2. -1.34 ml applicator for dogs and puppies between 23-44 lbs 3. -2.68 ml applicator for dogs between 45-88 labs 4. -4.02 ml applicator for dogs between 89-132 lbs. Know the proper way of applying the treatment: Let the puppy or dog stand in a comfortable position. While applying the solution on the dog ’s skin part the fur to create a bare skin spot and make sure the tip of applicator touches the skin.

slide 3: Page 3 Start from between the shoulder blades of your dog and apply the full content of applicator on single spot if the dog is of a small or medium breed. For large breed dogs start from spot between shoulder blades and apply at 3-4 spots across the backbone. After usage:  After using dispose the applicator and pack properly. Cover the package with several layers of paper before throwing it into trash.  Your dogs having minor irritation after applying the topical is natural but if it continues for longer time and shows intense irritation or other unusual signs then consult a vet as soon as possible.  In case of over-dosage call your veterinarian or contact veterinary emergency room.

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