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Shop our collection of custom wood blinds from Budget Blind. Wood blinds in New Canaan are one such design element that never goes out of style. This is one of the most popular and trendy styles the beauty of which never seems to fade away. Its functioning, different layering styles make wood blinds as a timeless design piece.


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Window treatments 101: Choosing Between Wood and Faux Wood Blinds Often people get mistaken between wood and faux wood blinds. It is no wonder that customer looking for wood blinds will include the product in the list which is faux wood blinds. This happens due to lack of knowledge. So to avoid the same mistake to get repeated in the future read below the top differences between wood and faux wood blinds. There are many dealers of f ​aux wood blinds in New Canaan ​ ​ but make sure choose the reliable one.

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Both faux wood and wood blinds come with their advantages let’s have a look. Wood blinds Wood blinds are made from real wood that comes with an excellent look offering warm natural and organic feel to your interior. The refined quality and sophistication make real wood blinds make real wood blinds an ideal option for many homeowners. Mostly North American hardwoods are used in making wood blinds. Because of the strong wood construction wood blinds offer excellent insulation as well as provide superior privacy and protect interiors from harsh sunlight. Besides being lightweight real wood blinds are durable and available in a wide range of size options which is an important factor while covering oversize windows. If you’re looking for window treatments that match your furniture wood blinds have various beautiful stains and colors. They are also a rich addition to any establishment and give your home an unmatchable warmth of elegance. Faux wood blinds On the contrary as the name suggests “faux” - imitation or artificial ​ ​faux wood blinds ​ are an imitation of wood blinds. Although faux wood blinds look like natural wood they are actually made from a composite wood material or a PVC/vinyl material. Faux wood blinds are constructed with either slat having a wood core coated with a high tech polymer or the slats that are comprised of a vinyl/PVC material. However both materials are durable and will not crack fade or warp which them an ideal option for humid places like bathrooms and kitchens. Even

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highly crowded places that experience a lot of wear and tear from curious children demand faux wood blinds. Faux wood blinds are easy to clean and maintain as you don’t have worry about any damage like you fear to damage the fine grain of real wood. But some faux wood blinds are heavier and can result in a lit larger stack at the top of the window. Hence minimizes some light while opened. As compared to wood blinds faux wood blinds are an economical less expensive way to add a natural look to your home. The qualities such as versatility and uncomplicated design make faux wood blinds one of the most popular window treatments. More Detail info visit : html

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