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Transform your home or office interior with our cordless window blinds. At Budget Blinds, all blinds are created to your exact specifications and made from durable wood and polymer in a variety of colours and finishes that complement your existing decor. The result is a shutter that both looks and performs beautifully.


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Things you Need to Know about Cordless Blinds From cellular shades to roman shades wood blinds aluminum blinds and many blinds and shades use a cordless lift system to open and close. Cordless systems incorporated in window blinds offer convenience and clean lines. If you’re planning to install cordless window blinds in your establishment it’s utmost importance to understand where they’re the ideal fit. Although several home decor companies offer ​cordless window blinds in New Canaan ​​ you must choose the best in the business. Reasons you should consider installing cordless blinds If you’ve kids and pets at home you must consider installing ​cordless blinds ​​. You might have often found your toddler or pet messing around with hanging cords. Sometimes these household hazards can cause serious injuries or even death. So home decor experts recommend homeowners to install cordless window blinds and shades in a home with kids or pets. Does your home’s wall has a wide range of windows Installing cordless blinds is an ideal choice to get a uniform look. Simple hardware not only gives clean lines but can also adjust many shades quickly and easily.

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If you want to outstand your beautiful windows the cordless blind is your choice as if provide clean lines. With cordless blinds you cant find dangling cords which block the beautiful view of your window blind. Situations when you need to think twice before installing cordless blinds Wide Windows ​​ - According to the experts a continuous cord loop is suitable for shades over 120” wide. Cordless blind or shade is not recommended for wide windows because you would require two people to open and close it properly. High windows ​​ - Window blinds or shades out of reach can’t use cordless lift system to open and close. You can rather use motorized or corded blinds in this situation. Always remember use cordless blind only when you have easy access to the window without a ladder. If your windows are behind the furniture ​​ - You would need to give a second thought to install cordless blinds if you have windows behind the furniture. This is because cordless blinds require moving the bottom rail to open and close furniture can become an obstruction. Do you need any advice on installing cordless blind in your establishment Contact ​. They are the leading home decor company offering cordless blinds and shades in New Canaan. More Detailed Query Visit : ml

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