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Foot problems can be due to chronic medical conditions like diabetes, but even everyday situations, such as overuse fitting shoes, can lead to temporary or very serious foot pain. You’re likely to get a more effective diagnosis and treatment recommendations from a podiatrist. To get the best foot care in Beaconsfield, visit our website www.bucksfootclinic.com or call us for any query at 0800 107 3290


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Treatments At Bucks Foot Clinic www.bucksfootclinic.com

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Bucks Foot Clinic  Foot pain Are your In-grown toe nails hurting Do you have Problems with corns Bucks Foot Clinic aims to provide to you with the best foot care service in the Amersham Chesham Little Chalfont and surrounding areas.

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Corns  We are a regional specialist in ingrown toenails. We promise you a fast consultation and solution. We make sure that after we have seen you we will work to find relief to your painful swollen toe nail.

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Fungal nail infections  Nail fungus is more common than most people believe. This is when a white or yellow spot occurs under the tip of your fingernails or toenails.

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Calluses  Our feet do a lot of work. The body builds extra skin to protect itself. This causes hard skins. Everyone has this it is really common.

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0800 107 3290 35 Station Rd Beaconsfield Buckinghamshire HP9 1QG UK www.bucksfootclinic.com

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