Goal Setting with The Bubble Planner


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Discover a creative way to set and achieve goals using The Bubble Planner.


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Goal Setting - Radar: 

Goal Setting - Radar The Bubble Planner


Step 1: Capture Your Goals For each Goal Category Record Your FISHES Family Intellectual Social Health/Fitness Economic Spiritual


Example: You Want to Learn Spanish I Speak Spanish Fluently Record your Goal using the 3 “P”s: Personal - Include yourself in the statement Positive - Use Action Words in the Affirmative Present - As if you’ve already completed your goal


Step 2: Select Three Goals Complete a “Future Reality” worksheet for three goals that you want to give energy


Step 3: Complete the Worksheet This worksheet will help break the goal down into manageable projects AND remove any fear that you have in getting started. I Speak Spanish Fluently


Step 4: Make a SMART Goal Complete the SMART checklist to ensure your “Future Reality” will manifest just as you intended.


Work Smarter. Plan Visually. www.BubblePlanner.com

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