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Stylish rooms can be done with help of vinyl flooring we all know. Just to say vinyl is easy to maintain. Our staff will aid you in selecting just the right type of vinyl flooring, providing you the durability you need to last for years. We have experience in both domestic and commercial vinyl flooring installation and can quickly handle any job. #vinylflooring #vinylrepairsmelbourne #commercialflooring


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Keep Vinyl Flooring Clean :

Keep Vinyl Flooring Clean

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Vinyl flooring is a great addition to any household or commercial area because it allows your floors to have that natural wood or stone look. The great news about vinyl flooring goes well beyond the looks of it, it is also a very affordable way to stylish flooring that is easy to clean.

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There are a great many options for how you may choose to clean your vinyl flooring. For those of you with a strong desire to keep clean and maintain your vinyl flooring yourself, here is a step by step process that will assist you in doing just that:

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• Step 1: Eliminate risk of dirt build up and stains that could wear down your vinyl flooring by placing some area rugs over-top your floors. Be sure to lift area rugs and clean under them when sweeping and mopping. • Step 2: Always vacuum/sweep the floor before using a wet mop. • Step 3: Use products that are safe for your floors. Simply using water and a sponge-mop that is gentle for your floors is always an option. (If you must go the cleaner route, I highly suggest using an eco-friendly cleaner that will minimize the risk of damage to your vinyl flooring. In my opinion, vinegar is the greatest alternative to any vinyl floor cleaner.)

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• Step 4: Allow floors to air dry after mopping before returning the area rugs to them. Be careful not to damage, scratch, or mark up your floors when going head-to-head with a tough stain. For tougher stains that your mop cannot eliminate, try the following vinyl flooring stain solutions that will not damage or decline the health of your floors:

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For scuffs- Rub gently with WD-40 until the scuffs disappear For tough food stains (wine, mustard, juice, etc)- Rub with a baking soda and water mixed paste until stain dissolves

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General care and upkeep of your vinyl floors is fairly simple, but sometimes we need someone else to do the dirty work for us to ensure the quality AND quantity of life for our vinyl floors. I highly recommend BTM Floorworx in Melbourne. BTM Floorworx has been serving customers in the vinyl flooring industry for over 20 years.

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They provide both cleaning and repairs for carpets and flooring in residential and commercial areas. This company specializes in the maintenance and upkeep of vinyl floors and is highly recommended and appraised for their top quality and affordable vinyl cleaning services. To know more visit

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