Patterns of Organization for Text

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Patterns of Organization for Text : 

Patterns of Organization for Text Sequential Comparison/Contrast Description Cause/Effect Problem/Solution

Sequential : 


Sequential : 

Sequential Turn on the heat and fry the sandwich until it is golden brown on both sides. Then put the cheese and mayonnaise on the buttered bread. Next place the assembled sandwich in a skillet. To make a grilled cheese sandwich, first assemble the ingredients. Remove from the heat, let it cool, cut it in half, and put it on a saucer.

Comparison/Contrast : 


Comparison/Contrast Venn Diagram : 

Comparison/Contrast Venn Diagram Differences Differences Similarities English Math Fiction Non-fiction Poetry Words Algebra Calculus Geometry Trigonometry School Subjects Reading Skills are Important Life Skills Measured by Standardized Tests Numbers

Description : 


Description : 


Cause/Effect : 


Cause and Effect : 

Cause and Effect

Problem/Solution : 


Problem/Solution : 


Text Organization : 

Text Organization Finding the organization helps you when you are reading text. Having an organizational pattern helps you when you are writing text!

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