The Author's Purpose

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The Author's Purpose : 

The Author's Purpose InformPersuade Entertain

What is the purpose? : 

What is the purpose? Everything you read has a purpose? When an author writes something, he/she chooses his/her words for a purpose. When you are able to recognize the author’s purpose, you will have a better understanding of the selection. Also, the purpose will determine how you read a selection

Inform : 

Inform Inform means to give information Examples news, encyclopedias, schedules, pamphlets, instructions, biographies, history, maps, timelines, cookbooks, textbooks, charts, graphs

Persuade : 

Persuade Persuade means to try to convince someone to think the same way you do. Examples advertisements, newspaper editorials, junk mail, posters, letters to a board, resume’

Entertain : 

Entertain Entertain means to amuse someone. Examples poems, fictional stories, comics, jokes

Sharing or describing feelings : 

Sharing or describing feelings Sharing or describing feelings means to tell the reader what is in the mind of the author. Some say this is a 4th purpose for authors; others classify letters, journals, and diaries as either entertaining, persuading, or informing according to the contents. Examples letters , journals, diaries

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