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Types of Poetry: the Epic : 

Types of Poetry: the Epic Unit 2 Lesson 3

Epic Poetry : 

Epic Poetry Definition: poetry celebrating the deeds of some hero  [synonym: heroic poetry]  This type of poetry usually rhymes in some sort of pattern

Example Epic (excerpt) : 

Example Epic (excerpt) http://gt.webvis.net/index2.htm Silly Epic Poetry Excerpt (Check out the entire poem at the above weblink) Befuddled Horse. Neighhhhh!!! Neighhh!!!! Horse-Merchant. Come now mare, now come now comeThere's a good filly, there's a sweet crumbYou're a good mare and a right dear fareCome you're making all the street stareHere, have a sugar there, or have a twoBy the blazes had I known when you I did accrueyou'd whine and kick like an old woman's tongueor splutter and neigh like a murderer hungI would have gone no past a third of what I paidmore simpleton I am for having thus mislaidmy riding crop! Now.... hold....

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